• Born on July 4, 1986. Independence day of United States of America (1776). American President Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4
  • Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations (seminal work on Market Economy) published in 1776
  • Sister’s birthday: September 16. Independence day of Mexico


  • Tahsin’s participation in International Mathematical Olympiad: July, 2005. Einstein’s miracle year: 1905. Einstein published 4 papers; The paper on Brownian motion published on July 18. Paper on special relativity published in September
  • On 4 July 2012, at the CERN laboratory for particle physics, the theory of how particles acquire mass was confirmed by the discovery of a Higgs particle. For which 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded

Catholic Church:

  • Pope John Paul II: Feast day 22 October. Sister II’s birthday: 22 October. On 4 July 1958 appointed as Auxiliary Bishop of Krakow. Papacy began: 16 October, 1978; Inauguration on 22 October


  • Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations (seminal work on Market Economy) published in 1776
  • Computer Technology: x86 family of processors
  • Nanotechnology: 1986 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded for development of Scanning Tunneling Microscope or STM
  • Applied Physics: High temperature superconductivity discovered in 1986


  • Halley’s Comet last seen (appeared in inner parts of solar system) in 1986; Closest approach: 0.586 AU
  • Harry Potter series: First book starts with: “Mr and Mrs Dursley, of number four, …”. 7 book series. Harry Potter’s birthday: July 31. Hermione Granger’s birthday: September 19

Bangladeshi Software Companies and Services Classified


Enterprise Software


ERP & Integrated Business Application
Accounting & Financial Software
HR & Payroll Solution
CRM, Marketing & Sales Automation
Office Management Solution
Enterprise Content Management
Enterprise AI
Enterprise IoT

Specific Industries:
Banking Application
Capital Market Solution
Micro Finance (MFI) Solution
Insurance Management System
POS & Inventory Management System
Hospital Management System
Education Institute Management Application
Communication Solution
Media Content Management System
Security, Biometric & Alert Systems

Web and Mobile App Development

Web Development Service & Hosting
Mobile Application
Customized Software Development

Payment/Financial Technology



Digital Marketing

Data Analytics






App Marketplace

E-book Marketplace

Bangladesh: Industry Plans


Business for Economic Development

Business for enrichment of human lives


Agriculture, Mining Sector

  • Petroleum Exploration. Oil and Gas exploration

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing Sector: Mechanical Engineering

  • Engineering: Automotive
  • Engineering: Shipbuilding
  • Engineering: Aeronautics
  • Engineering: High Speed Train. Metro Rail
  • Engineering: Power & Energy. Power Plant Construction. Renewables
  • Engineering: Mechanics & Machines. Industrial Machinery. Agricultural Machinery. Automotive, Ship, Aircraft Machinery & Electronic Systems. Naval Engineering. Light Engineering Machines, Tools. Construction Equipment. Mining Equipment

Manufacturing Sector: Computer Science and Engineering

  • Engineering: Software
  • Engineering: AI & Robotics
  • Engineering: Smart Products / IoT. Embedded Systems

Manufacturing Sector: Electrical Engineering 

  • Engineering: Telecommunication Equipment and Software. Networking Equipment and Software
  • Engineering: Electronics. Biomedical Devices. Photonics 
  • Engineering: Toys

Manufacturing Sector: Chemical Engineering. Materials Engineering.

  • Engineering: Food processing. Food & Beverage
  • Engineering: Agro-processing. Agricultural Machinery & Biotech. Agriculture: Agricultural Training & Supply. Knowledge & Technology Transfer (to Rural farmers). Web Platform as “Middleman”
  • Engineering: Agro-processing: Jute. Cotton
  • Engineering: Chemicals. Materials. Plastics. Ceramics. Cement. Paper. Steel
  • Engineering: Consumer goods
  • Engineering: Petroleum Products. Oil Refinery

Manufacturing Sector: Textile Engineering

  • Textile & Garment Industry: Marketing & Selling. Shipment. International Logistics. Retail. Structural Engineering & Safety. Textile Machinery. Agro-processing: Cotton 

Manufacturing Sector: Biomedical Engineering

  • Engineering: Pharmaceuticals. Biomedical Devices and Electronics. Telemedicine. Biotech and Genetic Engineering

Manufacturing Sector: Civil Engineering

  • Engineering: Structural Engineering & Architectural Consulting
  • Engineering: Construction. Urban Engineering: Water, Electricity, Gas. Tunnels and Bridges. Lighting and Traffic guidance System. Water System. Sea Port, Airport Construction

Service Sector

Service Sector: Information & Communication 

Service Sector: Healthcare

  • Healthcare: Hospitals, Clinics. Medical Tourism.

Service Sector: Education

  • Education: 
    • Educational Institutions. Education Tools (Lab Equipment) and Technologies
    • Educational Platforms:
      • Courses & Forum. E-Book Platform. Problem Solving & Ranklist. Seminar & Competitions
      • Web-based Platform for Private Universities, Medical Colleges, Schools, Industry – Professional Training & Development. E-Library
  • Book Retail. Publishing House: Low Price Editions. Non-fiction Translations. Non-fiction / Educational / Textbooks by Bangladeshi Authors. Journals & Magazines. E-Books; Multimedia; Interactive Contents. Expansions: South Asia; South-east Asia

Service Sector: Transportation

Service Sector: Media

  • Media:
    • TV Channel. Online Radio
    • Online Media: Websites & Mobile Apps
    • Print Media: Magazines, Journals
    • Publishing House: Fiction 

Service Sector: Banking & Finance

  • Bank
  • FinTech – Financial Technology
  • International Money Transfer
  • Venture Capital Firm
  • Investment Banking. Foreign Investment Management. Economic Analysis. Financial Services. Consulting to Financial Institutions

Service Sector: Business Services

  • Export. International Logistics. Retail
  • Management & Technology Consulting. Industrial Engineering. Big Data & Business Intelligence (BI). Enterprise Software
  • Advertising & Marketing: Online, TV, Print
  • E-commerce. B2B E-commerce. Logistics
  • Industrial Design

Service Sector: Hospitality/Tourism

  • Tourism – “Beautiful Bangladesh” 
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Theme Parks & Resorts

Service Sector: Real Estate & Retail

  • Real Estate
  • Retail. Shopping Mall & Supermarket

Development of Industries and Industrial Sectors


Development of Industries and Industrial Sectors

  • People receive the gift of everlasting youth, become more beautiful.
  • The quest for invention & discovery never ends. We discover new Physics in the subatomic realm. We form new kinds of atoms with new elementary particles. New Atoms lead to new Chemistry. New Atoms also bring into existence new Engineering. New Chemistry paves the way for new Biology. As we begin space exploration, we discover new Economics, Political Science of Alien civilizations. We discover edges of our Universe, even new Universes. We begin to inhabit new earth and new heaven. The process of invention & discovery goes on for ever and ever.
  • Business: Single person / company market share in each industry can never exceed 10%, 15% or 25%.
  • After Spirit of God on people, Spirit of God on all earthly and heavenly spirits, Next: higher feelings.


  • People will receive powers.
  • Now that there are so many avenues for research, it’s better researchers slow down rate of (leaps in) discovery and invention and hence be fruitful in the longer term.

Stimulating Research in Universities


Stimulating research in Universities:

  1. Introduction of High quality Journals, Conferences, Workshops.
  2. Promotion of Faculty members based on research quality (no. of citations, etc.) and output (number of publications).
  3. Government role: Increased spending on R&D in annual budget.
  4. Government role: Government research grant based on merit of fund seeker and of proposal.
  5. Academia – Industry collaboration: Publication a way of attracting fund from Private sector. Stimulating private sector to collaborate with Academia on research projects.
    • Academia – Industry collaboration promotes high quality research as faculty members strive for solving real problems rather than concentrate solely on increasing number of publications.
  6. Collaboration among Government research laboratories, Academia & Industry.

Higher Education Reform & Development Plans II


Higher education reform:

  1. Course, Course content modernization.
  2. Gradual replacement of descriptive questions in exams with problem-based questions (gradual so that questions never go beyond students’ abilities), especially for engineering, science majors. Medicine: gradual increase of clinical case questions in exams.
  3. Problem solving culture among students (CSE, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics) -> Better prepared for Industry.
  4. Emphasis on practical, lab work, Projects (engineering, science majors).

Urban / Smart City Development in Bangladesh


Urban Development in Bangladesh

Primary focus with regard to quality of life:

  1. Uninterrupted Electricity supply
    • Establishment of new Power Plants
  2. Water supply
  3. Gas supply
  4. Congestion-free Transportation
    • Flyover, Metro-rail, Big Data & Smarter Traffic, Mobile services
  5. High speed Internet at affordable cost

Systems that comprise a City (Requirement for development of Cities from scratch):

  1. Commercial zones; Employment
    • Most important. It’s employment opportunities that bring a large number of people to live nearby in a city.
    • Ease of doing business
  2. Education facilities
    • Schools, Colleges, Universities
  3. City Infrastructure
    • Roads & Highways
    • Services mentioned above (Power/Electricity, Water, Gas, Telecommunication)
  4. Healthcare facilities
  5. Modern Transportation e.g., Metro-rail
  6. Law & Order maintenance
  7. Modern Habitation. Smart Homes
  8. Environment Management
    • Waste Management. Water clogging management. Vehicle fume. Industrial waste. Clean Road. River pollution.
  9. Safe Food
  10. City Attractions: Museums, Zoos, Parks
    • Plus: Modern Programs, Ceremonies, Culture & Arts
  11. Architecture. Roadside building Renovation
  12. Smart City: Systems, Applications & Appliances

Urban Expansion in Bangladesh:

One city (with electricity, water, gas supply) in each Upazila (total number of Upazilas: 492, minus upazilas / thanas belonging to Cities).

  • Emmanuel Tahsin’s Spirit guided men and women since the dawn of humanity / for the past 2000 years. His Spirit is the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God.
  • Emmanuel Tahsin is the greatest genius of all time. He is the Maker of all things.
  • Emmanuel Tahsin is / will be the greatest expert / Master in all conceivable disciplines.
  • Emmanuel Tahsin’s breakthrough understanding of Christian Theology / Breakthroughs in Christian Theology:
    • Holy Spirit = Spirit of God
    • The nature and role of Holy Spirit
    • Market Economy during Second Coming
    • Integration of Science and Faith
    • Signs of end time
    • World to come = Paradise
  • Increase in Faith among Christians (Emmanuel Tahsin’s writings, explanations led to). Explanation of concepts of Christianity to lay persons, non-Christians.
  • Paradise: Spirit on people.
  • Emmanuel Tahsin is / will be the greatest physical athlete of all time.


  • Worldwide work, Activism of Emmanuel Tahsin: Establishment of peace and justice around the world; Advocacy for Market Economy; Improvement of Education, Health care; Work towards mutual trust and cooperation among Nations.
  • Emmanuel Tahsin’s capability of winning all 6 Nobel Prizes, many times over.
  • Emmanuel Tahsin’s Spirit descends upon people on earth.
  • Emmanuel Tahsin’s Spirit is people’s superconsciousness.
  • Fulfillment of Holy Spirit’s prophecies:
    • Tahsin is God
    • Tahsin is ‘Immanuel’ / ‘Emmanuel’ and shall be white
    • At the end of tribulation period, Holy Spirit descends upon Tahsin.
    • Tahsin shall produce new Christian Theology (Prophecy: 1990s).
    • Tahsin shall fulfill prophecies mentioned in the Bible.
    • Tahsin is an Engineer (+ Scientist, MD) and Christian (Prophecy: 1990s).
    • Still to be fulfilled: Tahsin shall win Nobel Prize.
  • Paradise: People becoming more beautiful.
  • Righteous living.
  • Aliens accept Emmanuel Tahsin as God.

How does Bangladesh become a Happy Nation


How does Bangladesh become a Happy Nation

বাংলাদেশ কি করে একটি সুখী দেশে পরিণত হয় 

  1. Well paid jobs. Handsome salary of individuals (ভাল বেতন)
    • How does an economy create well paid jobs? Improved education and/or expertise of employees, Automation increases employee productivity in firms. As worker productivity goes up, salary increases. Another possible way: salary increases if the market size the employer firm is in increases and with it sale increases. From a macroeconomic point of view, bigger economy has good chance of creating well paid jobs if it is supplemented with increased productivity of employees.
    • Handsome salary is good for employers as it increases aggregate demand in the economy.
  2. Economically Developed Nation (অর্থনৈতিকভাবে উন্নত দেশ)
  3. Advanced Biotechnology (উন্নত জৈবপ্রযুক্তি)
  4. Creative, Scientific, Technological, Artistic, Business, Nation Building, Meaningful work environment; Empowerment of individuals to do such work (সৃজনশীল, বৈজ্ঞানিক, প্রযুক্তিগত, শিল্পসাহিত্য, ব্যবসা, দেশ গঠন, অর্থপূর্ণ কাজের পরিবেশ; এই ধরনের কাজ করতে ব্যক্তিদের ক্ষমতায়ন)
  5. Social structure. Social Norms (সামাজিক কাঠামো; সামাজিক রীতিনীতি)
  6. Psychological well-being (মানসিক সুস্বাস্থ্য)
  7. Happiness by design (Gamification, Theme Park, etc.). ICT for happiness. Technology for happiness (আনন্দদায়ী ডিজাইন [ক্রীড়াকরণ, থিম পার্ক ইত্যাদি]; আনন্দের জন্য আইসিটি; আনন্দের প্রযুক্তি)

Outline of Development Plan for Bangladesh: Miscellaneous Articles (বাংলাদেশের উন্নয়ন পরিকল্পনার রূপরেখা: বিবিধ কলামসমূহ)



  1. Dreams of a New Bangladesh (নতুন বাংলাদেশের স্বপ্ন)

Happy Nation

  1. How does Bangladesh become a Happy Nation

Outline of Development Plan for Bangladesh IV: Commerce, Infrastructure, Healthcare & Biotechnology, Technology, Engineering (বাংলাদেশের উন্নয়ন পরিকল্পনার রূপরেখা ৪: বাণিজ্য, অবকাঠামো, স্বাস্থ্যসেবা ও বায়োপ্রযুক্তি, প্রযুক্তি, প্রকৌশল)




  1. “Beautiful Bangladesh” – How does Bangladesh Develop A Vibrant Tourism Industry


  1. Achieving Five billion Dollar export target in IT Industry (তথ্যপ্রযুক্তি খাতে পাঁচ বিলিয়ন ডলার রপ্তানি লক্ষ্যমাত্রা অর্জন)

Ease of Doing Business

  1. In determining tariff in the Budget, top priority should be given to factors related to development of Economy and Commerce-Industry (বাজেটে শুল্ক নির্ধারণে অর্থনীতি এবং ব্যবসা-শিল্প বিকাশে সহায়ক চাহিদাগুলোকে সর্বোচ্চ অগ্রাধিকার দেয়া হোক)

Infrastructure Development


  1. Development and modernization of Chittagong Port can change the economic direction of nation (চট্টগ্রাম বন্দরের আধুনিকায়ন ও উন্নয়ন দেশের অর্থনীতির চাকা ঘুরিয়ে দিতে পারে)

Power / Electricity

  1. Reform & Development of Power Sector in Bangladesh I


Biotechnology / Agricultural Technology

  1. তরুণ ইঞ্জিনিয়ার, তথ্যপ্রযুক্তিবিদদের জন্য কৃষি চ্যালেঞ্জ (Agricultural Challenge for Engineers, Computer Scientists)
  2. কৃষিতে নবজাগরণ (New Horizons in Agriculture)


  1. “Large Scale Engineering” (Megaprojects, Heavy Industries) In Bangladesh

Outline of Development Plan for Bangladesh III: Law & Order, International, Minorities & Women, Sports (বাংলাদেশের উন্নয়ন পরিকল্পনার রূপরেখা ৩: আইনশৃঙ্খলা, আন্তর্জাতিক, সংখ্যালঘু ও নারী, ক্রীড়া)


International Relations & Foreign Policy

  1. Foreign Policy for Bangladeshi Political Party (ফরেইন পলিসি)




Outline of Development Plan for Bangladesh II: Election, Political Party, Government, City (বাংলাদেশের উন্নয়ন পরিকল্পনার রূপরেখা ২: নির্বাচন, রাজনৈতিক দল, সরকার, নগর)




  1. Running Executive Branch of Government by coordination of – Ministries, Secretariat and Budget Allocation (মন্ত্রণালয়, সচিবালয় এবং বাজেট বরাদ্দ – সমন্বয়ের মাধ্যমে সরকারের নির্বাহী বিভাগ পরিচালনা)

Political Party

Structure & Ideals

  1. Structure & Ideals of New Political Party (আদর্শ রাজনৈতিক দলের রূপরেখা)


  1. Changing electoral practice and culture of Political Parties in Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশের রাজনৈতিক দল্গুলোর নির্বাচনকেন্দ্রিক রীতি এবং সংস্কৃতি পরিবর্তন)

Election Campaigning

  1. Social Media & Big Data Strategy for Bangladeshi Political Party
  2. Application Of Data Analytics, Mining, Machine Learning & Network Science To Election Campaign Strategy
  3. Election Campaign Strategy for Bangladeshi Political Party (বাংলাদেশের রাজনৈতিক দলের ইলেকশান ক্যাম্পেইন স্ট্রাটেজি)
  4. Electoral Plan for an Ideal Political Party – 1 (আদর্শ রাজনৈতিক দলের নির্বাচনী পরিকল্পনা – ১)
  5. Electoral Plan for an Ideal Political Party – 2 (আদর্শ রাজনৈতিক দলের নির্বাচনী পরিকল্পনা – ২)

Catholic News


Catholic News

“Jesus is often shown seated on his heavenly throne.”

“The writer is remembered for his defense of faith and reason. He published dozens of novels, poems and essays. He converted to Catholicism in 1922.”

“Compiling all of the writings of Father Pedro Arrupe ..

Father Cebollada is tasked with collecting all of Father Arrupe’s writings, which will be studied by theological censors who will “testify whether or not there is anything against the faith or tradition of the church.”

Father Arrupe studied medicine before entering the society.

Father Arrupe is an example of being rooted in Christ, a man of the church, a man who follows the calling of the Holy Spirit and, without fear, made the decisions he needed to make because he was rooted in God.”

“The draft document emphasizes four points ..

The Council of Cardinals released a seven-page report detailing work it has accomplished.”

“Pope Francis’ latest cardinals-designate include churchmen from five countries not currently represented in the College of Cardinals. But each of those countries — Bolivia, Pakistan, Japan, Madagascar and Iraq — has had a cardinal in the recent past. With the addition of the new cardinals, the group of electors will represent 67 nations.”