Looking back and connecting the dots

Sometimes, it seems amazing when you look back at time and try to connect the dots. I returned to America last November with a newly found interest in Biology and Business

If I find a subject area or topic interesting, I usually try to learn as much as I can from books and the Web. Then while reading, whenever I come across another topic of interest, I start following the same procedure (learn from books and the Web) for the new topic of interest – serendipity in action!

I have always been fascinated by the prospects of improving health and brain power. Previously, my idea was to invent new technologies (e.g., stem cells, genetic engineering, engineered organs etc.) for better health and more brain power. Books and ideas (e.g., Human body version 2.0) of Ray Kurzweil always inspired me. 

My interest in Biology led me to books which helped me discover that both health and brain power can be improved dramatically by natural means. Reading those books, I became aware of the benefits that a sound health can bring into your life. I incorporated a lot of health practices to my life (a lot actually – aerobic exercises and strength training, mindfulness and deep breathing, lots of blueberries and strawberries and nuts and yogurt and a whole lot of other changes in my diet, plus supplements!).

My interest in Business led me to an advice “Isolation is dangerous”. So I made myself a lot more social than I was.

Then, being social and conversing with others, I found out that I could actually think a lot better than I thought I did and I was amazed.

I was amazed at how much I had managed to learn by myself. I have never had the opportunity of learning from very good teachers or very smart peers. I had no one to guide me. I learned to guide myself.

So when I went to Bangladesh in March 2012, my inspired self returned to unsocial life and I began spending time on nerdy stuffs!

Now, I am eagerly waiting to find out where my previous experiences take me next.

Life is never this simple. I have left out a lot of details. But this is surely an outline.

(Written sometime in May-June 2012; enhancements later)

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