My Mental Toolbox

From My Mental Toolbox

Self Management

  • Passion & Confidence, Faith. “The happiness advantage”.
    • Go through your accomplishments.
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Concentration. Meditation. Mindfulness (Reflective Thinking). Classical Music.
  • Killer instinct directed towards problem solving, creative purposes and accomplishments. People who can’t use anger / aggression towards creative purposes / problem solving, “transfer the anger to his wife, children, subordinates, store clerks, waiters and other people who cannot defend them against him. This is the mechanism that lies behind scapegoating, racial prejudice, exploiting others!”
  • Willpower (Mindfulness).
  • Big Picture Thinking.
  • Collaboration
  • Creative Visualization (Always have goals in your mind. Start from goal – visualize backwards.) + Faith
  • Gamify the process of achieving goals. (Let internal feedback motivate you. Use feedback to your advantage.)
  • Awareness of ultimate reality.

Thinking Tools 

  • Study the problem, not the tool.
  • Find patterns.
  • Do brainstorming.
  • Sequential Processes
  • Game Theory (Considering the opponents, co-operators)
    • Studying the psychology of everyone involved.
    • Big Picture Thinking.
  • Creativity Tools
  • Ask Questions.
  • Mathematics (reduces complexity by creation of symbolization, structures, mechanization of procedures)
  • Data Analytics & Statistics
  • Algorithm, Computation & Automation

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