Evolution Of Computing

  1. Mainframe Computing Era: Computers were huge and expensive. Found application only in research labs and large business companies for lengthy calculations.
  2. Personal Computing Era: Microprocessors came into widespread use. Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows came along. Each desktop had to have a computer (Desktop Computers)! Word processing, Spreadsheet Applications and Multimedia applications were the most popular ones. 
  3. Networked Computing Era: During the mid nineties, the Web exploded. Suddenly, everyone was “online”. Everyone was communicating and shopping and searching online. 
  4. Mobile and Cloud Computing Era: Then came iPhone and Android (around 2007). Suddenly, computing was transferred to Clouds accessed by Mobile devices (Smartphones, Tablets and not to forget, “Phablets”!).
  5. Ubiquitous Computing Era: This era is still in the making. This is the era of Physical Digital Integration – when computers are everywhere so that they are invisible, when things start to think and communicate with each other and of course communicate with us! Up until Physical Digital Integration, humans acted as the interface between the Information World and Physical World. But in the ubiquitous computing era, Physical World becomes alive utilizing information directly from the Information World. 

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