What Google Could Focus On Next

Research Problems

  • Cracking Artificial Intelligence with great internal teams & external collaboration – new products, increasingly better existing products – essentially changes the world.
  • It was search, rules, first order logic, probability and other representations. Now, it’s all about learning from massive datasets. Revolutions are coming! Ultimate search engine!
  • Intelligent Personal Agent
  • Solving big problems (or as Google calls them “moon shots“) with (problem focused collaborative research) great internal teams & external collaboration / massive collaboration / open innovation
  • Solve for X, Google X
  • Application of Big Data: understanding complex systems better: finding answers to age old questions: Sociology, Behavioral Science, Political Science, Economics & Business
  • Exploration of new computing architectures – continuation of Moore’s law: exponential increase in processing power – computational power for data processing, intelligence.
  • Parallel computing architectures (e.g., GPUs); Molecular computing; Optical Computing; Quantum computing; Cognitive computing / Neuromorphic computing.
  • Brain-computer Interfacing
  • Google in our brain!
  • Integrating data from all the sources => Knowledge Mining, New Applications

People focused Social Problems

  • Education & Learning platform
    • Google Play for Education, ChromeBook. Singularity University. Technology and Education are great equalizers.
  • Platforms that empower people – the enormous potential in each and everyone of us is materialized
  • Wikinomics platform 
    • Global collaboration
    • Android, Play, Chrome
  • Products that take on social problems and scale using profit to reach millions
  • Funding / Growing / Working with entrepreneurs to solve problems people face.
  • Solving local, social and global problems (clean water, cheap energy etc.) utilizing massive collaboration and exponential technologies
    • Google.org. Google Ideas. For-profit.

Healthcare & Biomedicine

  • Computational Biology / Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Biology Engineering
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Lifespan extension; Curing Diseases; Preventive Medicine; Personalized Medicine

Physical Digital Integration

  • Robotics, Automation
  • Car 2.0
  • Electric / hybrid Car? App Market Integration; Automation; Advanced Collision avoidance system
  • Ultimate goal: Self Driving Car, Intelligent Transportation System
  • Computational Materials Design
  • Internet of things; Smart cities; Smart Home; Sensor Web; Big data


Google bought 8 robotics companies in past 6 months.

Google started with Search; currently focusing more on platforms and services. Lately, excited about the prospects about Physical Digital Integration?

(Developers Users, Apps).
Next: Developers developing tools, components Users developing apps?


  • Android
  • Google Play (Streaming services?)
  • Chrome
  • Google App Engine
  • Google+
  • Google TV
  • (New) Google glass, Motorola, ChromeOS, ChromeBook



  • Maps
  • GMail
  • Youtube
  • Google Books





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