Physical Digital Integration: Manufacturing Cloud & Car 2.0

Elastic Manufacturing or Manufacturing Cloud

A manufacturing facility, full of programmable Robots and Manipulators and 3D Printers, that can manufacture anything you design and the facility is scalable – it grows, produces more with need.

Startups and individuals would be able to order products on mass scale. There would be no need to set up an ultra-expensive manufacturing facility of their own. The barrier to entry would get lower. Open source would be a better model for the design of products. Anyone would be able to customize the designs and order. More innovations would follow. This would also mean more orders for the manufacturing facility.  

In short, it has the potential to start an era of proliferation of manufacturing startups in America!

It would introduce something entirely new to the world – “Elastic Manufacturing” or “Manufacturing Cloud”.


  • Fab lab
  • 3D Printing / Additive manufacturing Facility
  • New Materials
  • Biomaterials
  • Atomic Scale Manufacturing
  • Sensors, Networking & Big Data
  • Computer Aided Modeling, Simulation & Manufacturing

Car 2.0

  • App Market Integration (Secured. Detached from the controller Electronics)
  • Automation; Advanced Collision avoidance system
  • Ultimate goal:
  • Electric / Hybrid Car
  • Car wheels can generate power that can be fed into electric car and used as fuel. It would increase fuel efficiency.

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