TahsinVersion2 or Tahsin Version 2.0: How? (2013)


The idea Tahsinversion2 is from Human body version 2.0 in “The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology” [1] by Ray Kurzweil. Tahsinversion2 indicates improvement in all aspects of life (if not exponential, at least linear with a high constant factor!). Tahsin version 2.0 or Tahsinversion2 is the next stable version of Tahsin!

I have always been a voracious reader of Self Management books. I learned tons of ways of improving myself in different spheres of my life.

My deep appreciation of human psyche, deep knowledge in Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence guides me.

In 2011-12, I found out that by changing lifestyles, I could have better health and get younger.

Last year (2013), when I thought about continuous self improvement in every possible direction, I compiled a list of areas worth improving.
People change. So do I. But this list (compiled in 2013) is obviously a starting point.

Some of you might find some of the areas in your lives worth improving. Give it a shot!

Self management

  • Set short term goals and accomplish them. (Write down problems, topics related to your goals so that you think of them when you wake up and in your free time and able to keep focus all day.) Work backwards from the goal / goals to your current position. Identify problems. Plan. Try to control impulses, change habits (brain state control, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence). Keep scores. Try to gradually get more done in less time.
  • Use feedback to your advantage. Keep scores. Go through your day and find out how you could improve it.
  • Learn time management. Clock your activities. Try to complete tasks in lesser time. Create distraction free environment and time.
  • Practice focused persistence. How do you maintain the brain state that made you think of being persistent on a particular task? Remember and write down the factors and their emotional values that made you think of being persistent. One way is to form habits.
  • Confidence – Faith {“I can do anything” attitude} {Only a strong mind has complete faith / is supremely confident and a strong mind is a capable mind.}
  • Creative visualization {“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true [or the possibility of a better life than what it is now] that makes life interesting.” Using thoughts, images, imagined situations [one single thought/image works best] (Lucid dreaming).}
  • “The happiness advantage” {The happier you are, the more motivated and energetic you are, the better your brain works.}
  • Inspiration
  • Self-control {brain state control, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence}
  • Associating positive emotions/feelings with the task at hand. + Curiosity).
  • Identify the habits that are holding you back, need to be changed and change them.
  • Use mind mapping software. (XMind, FreeMind, mindmeister)
  • Always check if you feel happy, optimistic, focused, motivated, and energetic (Use Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence). Do you feel doubtful, shy, nervous, lacking in confidence, any blockage to thinking? Make yourself happy, focused, motivated, and energetic. Don’t do what you feel you ought to do (notice if you are building lists of reasons for doing unnecessary things). Rather do what you should do, what should happen.


Individual growth

  • Analyze (taking everything into consideration, asking how, why) & actively learn from everything you read, everything you see around you and all your experiences. Try to explain everything in terms of general principles / simpler constructs. Discover patterns wherever you look, whatever you think. Solve math problems, model things around you with mathematics / models {model thinking} / science.
  • Try to find creative solutions for everyday problems (better way of doing things) (Feynman) (learn from “design of everyday things”). (New / improved tech / scripts-software / apps / devices / machines, shortcuts)
  • Work-study-think 90+ hours a week.
  • Courses on Udacity, Coursera, EdX.
  • Learning Math, Engineering, Science: Wikipedia [Why Wikipedia? Image – Diagram (I learn Engineering and Science mostly from Diagrams and Images) Use Hyperlinks for Just-in-Time (JIT) learning.]
  • Language proficiency goals: English. Bangla. Spanish. Hindi. Arabic. Hebrew.
  • Know everything there is to know about America.
  • Read biographies. Learn history. (Are there patterns? Large time scale cause-effect relationships? Plan by higher power?)
  • Practice speed reading.
  • Consider taking part in trivia quiz contests/shows, US memory championship, US puzzle championship.
  • Read / think everywhere – all the time.
  • Learn more about education and learning. (Experiment with tutoring)


Social Life

  • Improve your ability of real time social cue and psychology processing. Try to understand people and society intimately. Find collaborators (online and real world).
  • Identify social problems. Devise solutions. (Study social entrepreneurship, social business, Organization / Motivation.)
  • Become a true “inverse-paranoid”. Try to see the positive in everything. Sincerely believe that whatever happens, happens for some good reason (at least in the long run) according to God’s plans. Don’t get lost in the forest, but climb higher and take a view of the forest and figure out how the forest might change with time as a result of different actions and interactions.
  • To understand others put yourself in others’ shoes. Try to view the situation from others’ perspective. Don’t micro-manage – think in long term. Think several steps ahead.
  • Learn from your own and other people’s mistakes. Make every mistake an opportunity for learning.
  • How do you build a magnetic, charismatic and authoritative (with necessary humility) personality? (Study Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Body Language. Try dealing with people with different personalities and backgrounds differently.)
  • Tweet, Blog (Get feedback.) Later: Ebook – App, Book, Linkedin.


Spiritual Life

  • Rely on no one other than God / Spirit of God. Always keep the possible nature of ultimate reality in mind even while you are living your day to day life. (Practical reality <> Ultimate reality) (Science, Engineering, Social Entrepreneurship <> Dark sides of society)
  • Spend more time praying (and meditating {practice mindfulness; imagine-feel-senses-observe-reason-learn-create}) (Creative visualization; Law of attraction; Imagine & feel; Pray for others; Gratitude {Imagine-feel how life could have been if you didn’t have some of the things you have. Now, feel happy and express gratitude.}; Think about God-ultimate reality).
  • Pray and work on: increasing intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, creativity; increasing strength, courage, toughness, stability; purifying heart/soul. Pray for others. Express gratitude. Ask for guidance.
  • If you eagerly accept life after death, you have no fear, no worry, no doubts, nothing to lose.
  • As long as you are sincere in completing your duties & responsibilities, you have no fear of death. After life could be even better.
  • Express gratitude to God for all the blessings while praying.


Leadership Personality

    • রাষ্ট্রনায়োকোচিত Attitude (Attitude that is expected from the leader of a Nation). জনগণের পাশে থেকে জনগণকে নেতৃত্ব দেবো। 


  • তোমাকে কত মানুষ পছন্দ করে, তুমি কত মানুষের আশা, স্বপ্ন, প্রত্যাশা ধারণ করছ – এটা সবসময় মাথায় রাখবে।
  • Be the smartest – lead from the front.
  • Strength, Courage, Toughness; Ready to sacrifice life; no doubts, no fear, no worry, nothing to lose.
  • Authority
  • Responsibility
  • Humility & Empathy
  • Deep thought, bold action
  • Body Language



A sense of authority and a sense of empathy. From authority and empathy comes responsibility.

Daily routine

  • Every morning energise yourself by creatively visualizing your enormous potential across different sectors. Remind yourself over and over again throughout the day.
  • Practice mindfulness.
Intellectual Life

Goals Set By Others

[November / December 2013]
Be the defining character of our time. (US Catholic Church)

Take Artificial Intelligence to the next level. (US Catholic Church)

Physical-Digital Computing pioneer. (Sergey Brin)

Grow yourself to be the smartest Economist in the world. (Dr. Yunus)


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