Smart Home With Physical Digital Integration: What The Future Holds

So, how does your “Sweet Home” gonna look like in a few years?

I tell you what, lots and lots of Automation!


  • Your Automated Cook downloads a recipe from Web
  • Searches for the lowest price of ingredients deliverable on time and orders ingredients on a shopping site.
  • The shopping site delivers your product via a drone (Saw the Amazon Prime Air?) and transmits a message to your Home Robot.
  • Your Home Robot picks up the delivery and passes it to your Automated Cook.
  • Automated Cook cooks food according to the recipe.


  • A Baby Care-taker Sleeping Bed
  • Responds to baby’s screams (detection by using sensors) with movements of the bed, music etc. (to soothe the baby)
  • Automatically feeds the baby (at pre-defined time).
  • Automatically cleanses your baby (detection by using sensors; delicate actuators). (Obviously, your Baby can’t go to toilet by itself, can it?)
  • Integrated Web-cam for parents. Watch your baby on your Smartphone, swipe on your touchscreen and the Baby care-taker sleeping bed responds to the instruction.
  • Customizable Sleeping Bed with off-the-shelf “Components”. Your baby likes toys? Buy the toy “Component”!

Sounds futuristic?

Not at all!

These are some of the Products and Services you shall see in your coming Smart Home!

Meet this home Robot from iRobot.

Still not impressed? 

How about this!


Just as people today have pets, Baxter makes me feel that people will soon consider Home Robots as their pets.

Companies Working In Smart Home Space

Meet the Nest Learning Thermostat!

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