How Facebook Got Big

Facebook is really really big. By the end of 2013, Facebook boasted 1.23bn monthly active users worldwide, adding 170m in just one year. [1]

So, how did Facebook get so big?

  • People started using a social network with their Real Identities. (“X” is on Facebook!)
  • Real identities were rare in the pre-Facebook era.
  • How?
    • Limited Access in the initial stage
      • Facebook started out only with Harvard students (you were supposed to have a Harvard University issued E-mail address to open an account) [2]; then limited only to College students. So when it was opened for all, people got used to having real identities.
    • Privacy Options
      • Before Facebook came along, Myspace, Hi5 were as ‘public’ as possible.
      • With Facebook, you could control privacy according to your tastes and socialize only among selected few.
  • Facebook Platform
  • Viral spread of Apps and Games (and farming in Farmville).
  • Only social interactions would have bored many of the users.
  • Facebook is popular because you can connect with all the people you ever knew: your classmates, your long forgotten neighbours, colleagues – many of whom you met years back.



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