Planning For An America That Lives Up To Dreams Of Its People

Planning For An America That Lives Up To Dreams Of Its People

  • American Energy 
    • Oil and Gas Boom [1] +
    • Fuel Efficiency Addon For Cars (Energy Savings) +
    • Internet Of Things At Home (Energy Savings)
    • Improvements in Renewable Energy Technologies
  • American Manufacturing [1]
    • Cloud Manufacturing [2] 
      • “Made in USA” Revolution!
      • America becomes a manufacturing super-power!
      • America revolutionizes the world by manufacturing Physical Digital Systems. [3] [4] [5]
    • Reduction in Unemployment. 
  • American Education
    • Better Education System [1]
    • Education Platform [2]
  • American Healthcare [2]
    • Redesigning American Healthcare [1] 
  • American R&D
    • Research Platform [1]
      • More fruitful Research
    • Interdisciplinary Research [2]
      • Cross pollination of ideas.
  • American Law & Order
    • Dramatic Improvement. Dramatic drop in crime rate.
      • Introduction of Advanced Technologies.
      • Change in Society.
  • America in World Stage
    • America leads in every sector.
    • America – A force for good. [1]
  • American States
    • Plan for each and every of America’s States. 
    • Smart Cities.
  • American Dream
    • The only country in the world where if you work hard, no matter where you came from and where you are now, you can turn your dreams into reality! 


American Energy
American Manufacturing
American Education

American Healthcare

American R&D

America in World Stage
American Immigration Laws

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