Coming Up With Ideas For “The Next Big App” By Solving Real-World Problems

Mobile (iPhone / Android / Windows) Apps can be utilized to solve communication problems.

  • Suppose two persons, A and B, share the same route to work each day. We can develop an app that helps them connect and share a car.
  • Or we can develop an app that connects used textbook sellers and textbook buyers (bit like Chegg [1]).


So if a group of people share a common interest or can be connected to solve a problem (but they are not friends on Facebook or not in one anothers’ contact list and not aware that they share the problem), then we can design apps that connect them and solve the problem.

Your app has to solve a narrowly focused problem and solve it well.

Uber, Airbnb follow the “Finance” Model.

Some people have excess of some resource and others need that resource. So the resource is being transferred from the provider to the needy “for efficiency” “on some conditions”.
In Finance, it’s transfer of money, through Banks, Bonds and Stocks.

Some people have excess of money that they don’t know how to make best use of. Others need money to bring a product to market or buy a house. So, Banks collect money from people who have excess of it, and lend it to borrowers who need it.

  • Uber [2] – transfer of ride space.
  • Airbnb [3] – transfer of house space.


So what are your ideas for the “Next Big Smart Phone App” that really solve real world problems?

Successful Apps

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