Personal Notes On Living A Happy, Fulfilled Life [Unofficial]

  • Rapid advances in science and technology in the past 100 years or so have made us more and more materialistic and move away from spiritual truths and life. 
  • A true leader of our time has to show that a life based on spiritual truths and principles (Law of attraction, karma, mindfulness, “the best way to serve God is to serve others”, etc.) can lead to even more success and advancement and more importantly true happiness, fulfillment and peace. 
    • For example, mindfulness/yoga – helps us deal with modern day stress, be focused and reach peak performance, prevent diseases and stay healthy, along with a lot of other benefits. 
  • Happiness and unhappiness result more from how we interpret our conditions than the conditions themselves. Moreover, we can reprogram ourselves so that our interpretations of our conditions and external environment change. 
    • We would like to see A to happen. 
      • –> We notice that A has not happened. 
        • –> “Automatic emotional trigger” that causes us to feel unhappy / pain. 
        • -> We can reprogram our emotional response so that we don’t feel the same next time by being aware and taking charge of the emotional response. 
        • Emotional responses are just like habits. Just as you can form them, you can break them.
          • Example: Some people “learn” to “fear” (emotional response) cockroaches from their parents. In reality, a cockroach is no danger (excluding infections from the dirt they carry around). They can “unlearn” the “fear” of cockroaches. 
        • More
          • Emotional Intelligence
          • Mindfulness 
  • Happy, fulfilled people are more compassionate, more willing to help others, make others feel happy. Unhappy people feel jealous easily. 
  • Consciousness is the most fundamental element in the universe. Consciousness is the reason for why there is a universe. Being internally happy and making others happier is the most important goal in life. Worldly things, possessions, achievements are the tools for becoming happy, not the final goal in themselves.
    • We want that car, because we feel that getting that car would make us happy. We want that job, because we feel that landing on that job would make us happy. The ultimate goal is happiness. Getting the car or the job are the tools through which we can make ourselves happy.

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