Personal Notes On Ventures [Unofficial]

Think in both directions: how a problem can be solved by using technology / science and how a / a set of technology / a body of knowledge can be used in a new domain / to solve problems.
Innovation / Venture Areas:
  1. Education & Research Platform; helping people reach their potential; better platform for organizing and creating knowledge.
  2. Healthcare
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Data Science, Mining – TV, Video Data – Apps. Recommendation.
  1. Applications of AI, ML, Robotics, Automation
      1. Intelligent personal assistant
      2. Robots, Automation
  1. Financial Technology
  2. Mobile Apps, Devices, Sensors
  3. Better brain, happiness, performance
  4. Computer Vision, Augmented reality, Virtual reality
  5. Wikinomics Platforms
      1. Open Collaboration (Github – Forking, pull back, commenting, 3D Printing designs, tabular data; documents, books, music, QA, Bookmarks, Encyclopedia, mind-mapping)
      2. Social Business, Entrepreneurship
  1. How do you take human – computer (networked) collaboration, intelligence to the next level?
      1. Current: Collective Intelligence, Human computation, Collaboration Platforms
  1. “Design of everyday things”
  2. Biomedical Engineering
      1. Disability, Birth defects
      2. People
        1. Dean Kamen [1] 
        2. Hugh Herr [2]
  1. Better lifestyle choices
      1. Fast food alternatives, healthier choices
      2. Quantified self, Preventive medicine
  1. Look for inspiration in the biological world (Biology Technology)
  2. Political surveying, data analysis, strategy, local / social organization / initiative for solving problems
  3. Law and order
  4. 3D Printing / Additive manufacturing, Fab-lab, Programmable matter, Robotics & Automation, Better CAD/CAM, Artificial Intelligence, New materials, Collaborative manufacturing
  5. Enterprise Software
  6. Embedded systems, control systems
  7. Internet of things
      1. Agents, Multi-agents
  1. Invisible design, Future UX-UI
      1. MIT Media Lab Projects
      2. Application of AI, ML; Experience design, real world – digital information-interfaces, Personalized, Ubiquitous sensors, Sync, Internet of things
  1. Aerodynamics, Aerospace
  2. Applications in Sports
      1. Machine learning & Statistical Analysis, Image Processing, Computer Vision (e.g., finding weakness of a batsman in cricket)
      2. Application Data Science / Visualization techniques to Team play Analysis
      3. Sensors for performance analysis (e.g., in Tennis)
      4. Mechanical Engineering (e.g., batting practice in cricket)
      5. Enumerating all the skills, helping others learn those skills (make the skills automatic – so that players can perform them without thinking)
  1. Neuroscience, Psychology, Neural Engineering


    • Neurological Disorders; Psychiatric Disorders.
  1. (Bangladesh) ICT, Tourism, Employment, Entrepreneurial Platform, Social Enterprise.

  1. Building a startup is getting exponentially (at least linearly) cheaper.
  2. Mini Silicon Valleys all over the world
  3. Wikinomics
  4. Management Science and Engineering
  5. Models: Crowdfunding, Venture Capital, Incubator
  6. Teaching people tools with which to create startups with our world wide education platform (WWEP!).
  7. Our Manufacturing Plant; Enterprise Softwares and Products


  1. Dean Kamen: The emotion behind invention
  2. Hugh_Herr_the_new_bionics_that_let_us_run_climb_and_dance

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