Middle East Peace Process

Crisis in Iraq

  • It is high time Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki integrated Sunnis and Kurds in his Government and ensured same level of rights as Shiite’s.
  • Robbing Banks (as we have seen in Mosul by ISIS) in the name of Islam is disgraceful to Muslims all around the world.
  • Exciting and happy life for young driven Mulims lies in growing themselves, achieving both earthly and spiritual goals, not through robbing Banks and mutilating people (as the ISIS videos seem to demand).

United Stand Against Extremists
  • Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda offshoot ISIS (ISIS are like ultra-extremists, even Al Qaeda have denounced them) – Sunni Extremists
  • Hezbollah – Shiite Extremists
  • It’s urgent for all countries to stop supporting the extremists – no matter what ideology they represent.
  • (Supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria would have bolstered ISIS in Iraq.)
  • We would like to see Iran withdrawing support from Hezbollah.
  • And then once extremism weakens, we can all work together to restore Democracy in Syria and Iraq.
  • Votes, not guns, should be the way to power.

Towards World Peace


  • Withdrawal of arms support from outsiders – especially to rival groups (Sunni vs Shiite) of extremists.
  • Peace negotiations.
  • Interim neutral government holding free and fair elections – return to democracy.
  • International rights that an independent state deserves by law.
Israel Palestine
  • 2 states.
  • Peace negotiations
Progression towards Peace
  • Pope Francis’s visits in Israel and Palestine.
  • A historic Palestinian unity government of Fatah and Hamas sworn in, ending years of division. Ceremony paves way for long-delayed elections in Gaza and West Bank (6.2.14). 
  • Interim neutral government holding elections is always an acceptable model when there is distrust and division among parties. We hail all the parties involved and look forward to a bright and peaceful future.
  • Peaceful use of nuclear power by Iran.
  • Withdrawal of sanctions.
Afghanistan Pakistan
  • The word Islam is derived from Salam, which means peace.
  • Extremists returning to the true path of Islam.

Progression towards Peace

  • President Barack Obama agreed to release five high-level Afghan detainees from US prison.
  • Now, it’s the Taliban ‘s turn to take initiatives that clearly show their willingness and commitment to return to the path of peace.
North Korea
  • International scrutiny of Human rights violations.
Dealing with criminals vs Dealing with extremists
  • Criminals commit crime driven by their own needs, desires or revenge. So enforcement of laws and punishment is the accepted way of controlling crimes. For it’s the fear of punishment that makes people act in the rightful way.
  • On the other hand, extremists commit acts of terrorism from their wrong set of beliefs, wrong set of values. So the best way to deal with extremism and terrorism is to change those wrong beliefs and values that people hold in their minds by showing the right path. It’s worth noting that enforcement of laws keeps people away from all sorts of crime, be it criminal activities or acts inspired by extremist views.