Notes On US Policy & Laws Reform

Government & Policy : US Policy & Laws Reform [July 30, 2014]
I shall work on reforming “US National Policies and Laws” including the following:

1. Regulatory laws for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), popularly known as “Drones”.

2. FDA drug approval process reform

3. Reformulation of patent laws

4. Formulation of digital “Privacy” laws

5. Corporate Tax law reform.

  • Formulate Regulatory laws for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), popularly known as “Drones”.
  • FDA drug approval [reformulation of policy and “the process” of drug approval. Currently, it takes 10 years and more than a billion dollar on average for a drug to get FDA approval. The process is proving outdated as we move towards molecular medicine and computational medicine. Currently, the only alternative: CDC authorizing drugs produced in foreign countries in an event of outbreak of epidemic.]
  • Reformulation of patent laws [Currently, very inefficient; shouldn’t be so in the age of Google patent search and other information technology based tools] [reformulation of software patent laws; software patents describe what a software does rather than the code behind the functionality; that’s like “I have invented how to cook, so no one else can invent any machine for cooking without paying me fees” – not technology, but a whole process] [reformulation of biotech patent laws; laws for patenting genes – is it good or bad when you take all the factors into account?]
  • Formulation of digital “Privacy” laws [that are good for all the parties involved, that balance both individual privacy and national security concerns.] [As “internet of things” develops, we have intruders in our houses as part of “smart homes” collecting information on our private lives. On the other hand, they make our lives a lot better. What privacy policies should we formulate for these and other digital intruders?]


  • Corporate Tax law reform.

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