Personal Notes On US Healthcare (1)

Inside Hospitals and Clinics

  • The need for transparency. Financial incentives for doctors and hospitals go against interests of patients. Transparency of hospitals and doctors. Introduction of common standards (of diagnosis, etc.) for Physicians all over the country. Investigation into medical malpractice. Doctors know, but keep secrets. Quality measurement [1].
  • The need for an agency that looks into what goes on inside Hospitals, has insiders (doctors know secrets about malpractice, etc.), ensures transparency, measures quality from a doctor or medical scientist’s point of view, introduces standards (diagnosis, procedures, surgeries).
  • Only way to get dependable recommendation: ask a healthcare professional (they are insiders).
  • Only Doctors with low complication rates dare to submit their results to journals [1]. And hence many of the complications are not found in journals from which doctors can learn.
Social factors
Healthcare Systems abroad: comparisons

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