Notes On Robotics [Knowledge Based Robotics; Augmented Robotics; Transportation & Vehicle Robotics]

  • Knowledge Based Robots: 
    • First generation of Robots that are equipped with sensors to sense the real world and can utilize information from the Internet. (Learns from both the “World” and the “Web”.)
    • “Complete Agent” => Human level AI (HLAI).
  • DARPA’s Previous Challenge: Self driving (Autonomous) Car
  • DARPA’s Current Challenge: Disaster Recovery & Response Robot [1] [2]
  • DARPA’s Future Challenge (Proposal): Design a Robot Technician / Engineer that can accomplish a task that requires both Knowledge in an Engineering Domain and Physical Manipulation capabilities.
    • Example Challenge: Diagnosing problems and fixing Cars.
    • [Sounds interesting to anyone at DARPA? Tahsin’s ready!]
  • Experts Systems + Robots = “Expert Robots” (A new field of Robotics)
  • Expert Robots:
    • Robotic Automobile Engineer
    • Robotic Surgeon (Computer Vision + Surgical Robots + Artificial Intelligence)
  • Physical Digital Computing + Intelligence and Data Computing
  • Augmented Robotics
    • No longer just heavy huge Robots at Industries. Augmented Robots augment people in Home, Hospitals [4], Office, School, Surgery, Industry (smaller, more agile; picking, etc.) [3], Service Industry.
    • Features:
      • Sophisticated agile manipulators
        • Flexible Intelligent Manipulators.
      • Sensors, Vision, Machine Learning
      • Programming by teaching (You show Baxter a task and it learns by watching.)
      • Speech Recognition
      • Control Code: Online. Anyone can download code and make his / her Robot accomplish something new.
      • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Transportation & Vehicle Robotics
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) (Popularly known as Drones)
    • Self Driving (Autonomous) Cars
    • Intelligent Transportation System

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