Notes On Neuroscience [Unofficial]


  • Stability -Plasticity dilemma [1].
  • Right Hemisphere -reality. Vision and space (seeing). Emotion. Neurological disorders resulting from right hemisphere lesions. [2]
  • PFC. Right PFC. Left PFC – details.
  • Corpus callosum – thin. Implies hemisphere work mostly independently.
  • Mirror neuron. Laugh, yawn. (When we see others laughing, we laugh).
  • Alpha beta wave. meditation. Alternate states of consciousness.
  • Whole -Visual -Right brain – Reality – Simulation of reality.
  • Optical prosthetics for brain disorders [6]. For example, psychiatric disorders – instead of neurotransmitter and Neuro modulator control through chemicals, voltage control by opto-genetics. Current: electrode prosthetics for treating epilepsy by controlling electricity flow.
  • Brain computer interfacing: frequency and other time dependent properties of EEG and neural sensory motor signal and their synchronization [7].

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