The Responsilibity Of Popular Books And Media

#MediaAndPublishing  #Culture

People do not usually think for themselves. Popular books and popular Media shape public opinion.
So if there are incorrect opinions or views or explanations – expressed in popular books or popular media, we have problem.
I am talking not just about the rumors that spread and later prove to be incorrect, I am also focusing on the incorrect explanations that many popular books (and bestsellers) provide.
Authors are usually driven by common human traits like trying to prove (in their book) how smart they are and how “smart” they are compared to others who have written books.
Several days back, I was reading a book. It was a bestseller. 
Years back, I read a chapter of that same book and at that time, I accepted the explanations the book presented without questioning. I let the book shape my opinion. 
But now, years later, as I re-read that chapter, the explanations didn’t seem to be satisfactory in light of my new knowledge.
I understand this deeply because now I have a lot of influence. I can form public opinion. I can change public opinion. I know that People do not usually think for themselves.It’s we, the popular media – that shape public opinion. So we do have a lot of responsibility.
Whatever I write – each sentence – is based on my sound thinking. 
One of the great advantages I have is that – my interest is broad to the point of encompassing almost all of human knowledge. I do not have to rely on what others say. I apply the techniques I learned in Science (comparable to Mathematical correctness).

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