America In Realization [09.25.14]

Gun control laws

As we can see, violence due to guns is high in America.

If criminals can’t get them, do citizens need guns to protect themselves? 
Related issue: Ensure that everyone who owns guns, is registered individually, not through other agencies.
Same sex marriage

I am yet to find a single argument in favor of legalizing same sex marriage.
Health care reform

“So what would make American health care better now? Since its failings lie more within the system than with the president’s attempt to reform it, health reformers should concentrate on three areas that could make its flawed market work better: directing handouts towards the poor rather than the affluent, nudging individuals to take charge of their own health care, and making sure that prices are transparent.

… roughly half the population finds that their health insurance is tied to a job; this makes it harder for them to switch employers.

If America wants to stick to the idea that it has a health-care market, then it should focus on trying to make it more like a market—with prices, competitors and some form of choice.”

Articles on Health care reform

Violence against women

Equal pay for women
Minimum Wage rise

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