How Bill Gates Relates To My College Major


Bill Gates আমাকে কিভাবে চেনেন – জানো?
আমি দেশে থাকতে লিখতাম না – rich হলে আমিও Gates Foundation এর মত কিছু করবো?

Father’রা তখন Gates এর কাছে আমার কথা বলেছে।

Gates আরেকজন যিনি আমাকে অনেক বেশি পছন্দ করে ফেলেছেন!
অনেক অনেক বেশি!


I Just remembered an incident from my life.
Back in 2005, we (Me and my parents) were deciding on which Major to pursue at College.
Things are different in Bangladesh.
One has to declare one’s Major before the first day at College and there is no turning back.
Students Of Public Universities (in Bangladesh) do not have the slightest conception of what it means to “change College Major at some later point in College curriculum”. Some of the Private Universities provide the opportunity of switching Majors.
For most Universities, the only way to change Major is to drop out and take admission at a different University.
It was December 2005.
I wanted to major in “Computer Science and Engineering”.
My parents were still considering options.
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates happened to be visiting Bangladesh in December 2005.
He was (and still is) the richest man in the World and he met the Prime Minister (of Bangladesh) during his stay in Bangladesh!
So my parents reasoned, if we let Tahsin major in “Computer Science and Engineering”, someday he would become a great personality like Bill Gates!
This was the strongest point – that convinced my Dad (who is of the same age as Bill Gates) to let me major in “Computer Science and Engineering”.


তোমাকে বলেছিলাম না – Bill Gates আমাকে অনেক বেশি পছন্দ করেন?

কতটা জানো?

মাঝখানে কয়েক বছর Microsoft এ ছিলেন না – পুরো সময় Gates Foundation কে দিয়েছিলেন।

2014 এ আবার Microsoft এ ফিরে এসেছেন – Technical Advisor হিসেবে – one-third সময় এখন ওখানে [1]

এতটা পছন্দ!!



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