Influence in United States

Influence in United States 

Power is temporary, but influence lives on – even after one dies. 


  • Tech Community
Bill Gates, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Stephen Wolfram, Ray Kurzweil, Satya Nadella, Eric Schmidt, Tim O’Reilly – among others.

    1. Personal Notes On US Policy Reform / Formulation
    2. Philanthropy 2.0
    3. How Bill Gates Relates To My College Major
    4. Notes On Gates Foundation
    5. An Insider Look At Google
    6. The Story Behind Physical Digital Computing
    7. Personal Notes On Physical Digital Computing – 1 [Unofficial]


    1. Computer Science : At Its Breadth
    2. On Physical Digital Computing And Beyond

  • Catholic Church
    1. America In Realization [10.29.14]
    2. More Americans want their churches involved with politics (Economist)
    3. Around The World [10.04.14]


  • Academia
Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, Cornell University President David J. Skorton, Harvard Professor Michael Porter, MIT Professor Neil Gershenfeld – among others.
    1. আজকের উপলব্ধিতে বাংলাদেশ (২/৯/১৪)
    2. Automation & Inequality
    3. Latest From Science, Technology & Medicine [11.03.14]
    4. David J. Skorton : President, Cornell University
    5. Neil Gershenfeld, Center for Bits & Atoms, MIT
  • Business Community
  • Politicians
President Barack Obama, Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republicans Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Condoleezza Rice, among others.
  1. Countdown To 2016 Presedential Election (1)
  2. America In Realization [09.27.14]
  3. America: The Leading Nation In The World  

“Americawas, America is and Americawill continue to be leading the nation in the world.”

    1. Could Manufacturing Be The Key To American Lead In Global Economy?
    2. Planning For An America That Lives Up To Dreams Of Its People


America & Beyond

  1. Government Services
  2. Large Scale Engineering Projects In Bangladesh
  3. Reflections On America [7.31.14]
  4. America In Realization [10.14.14]
  5. America In Realization [10.30.14]
International Relations
    1. International Relations: Bilateral Relations (I Have Contributed / Will Contribute To)
    2. Around The World [10.19.14] 
    3. Fidel Castro offers cooperation with US in fight against Ebola (US) 

“I am blessed with people’s love.

This common love can be translated into nations co-operating with each other.
Another wonderful thing is taking place – 
people from different parts of the world are getting to know each other through my blog – 
problems each of them face, 
similarities they share 
and in the process, people are discovering their common roots in humanity and getting closer to each other.



  • United States Army
  • Youth

Justin Beiber, Emma Watson, Taylor Swift – among others.
    1. America In Realization [10.19.14] 
    2. America In Realization [10.23.14]
    3. Around The World [09.23.14]
    4. Around The World (09.18.14)
    5. Protests against police brutality held in 60 US cities (PressTV)
    6. Physical Digital Interaction / Experience / Product Designer
    7. Open Letter To Princess Shamita Tahsin – 10 (On MetaCognition)

Two of my agendas

  1. Create political awareness among American youth.
  2. Start youth organization to bring about social change and grow the immense potential that lies inside each and everyone of us.

  • Women
Equal pay for women,
Stand on Violence against women,
He for She, Men for Women
 “It’s only by giving full respect to our female counterparts – that we become true Men.”
    1. America In Realization [09.25.14]
    2. America In Realization [09.29.14]
    3. Around The World [09.23.14]
  • Muslim Community

      1. America In Realization [10.06.14] : Muslim Community in US
      2. America In Realization [10.19.14] (Muslim Community)
      3. Fareed Zakaria: Let’s be honest, Islam has a problem right now (Washington Post)



  • Bangladeshi Americans

“আগামী ১০ থেকে ২০ বছরের মাঝে বাংলাদেশী বংশোদ্ভূত একজন যুক্তরাষ্ট্রের প্রেসিডেন্ট নির্বাচিত হতে পারেন। কিন্তু সেই লক্ষ্য অর্জনের জন্য আমাদের দল মতের উরধে উঠে এখন থেকেই ঐক্যবদ্ধভাবে কাজ করতে হবে।” 

    1. নাগরিক ঐক্যের আলোচনা সভা – সমাবেশ – উদ্যোগ (25.09.14)

  • Indian Americans
    1. America In Realization [10.01.14] (America – India Partnership)
    2. International Relations: Bilateral Relations (I Have Contributed / Will Contribute To)
    3. America In Realization [09.29.14]

  • South Asian Americans
  • Asian Americans


    1. US Immigration Reform
    2. Tech Immigrants: A Map of Silicon Valley’s Imported Talent (BusinessWeek)

    • Middle East Descendant Americans



    1. Around The World [10.30.14] 
    2. Sweden officially recognises state of Palestine (Guardian)
    3. Inside Iran [11.03.14] 
    4. Inside Iran [10.20.14] 
    5. Around The World [10.14.14] 
    6. Around The World [10.13.14] 
    7. MPs back Palestinian statehood alongside Israel (BBC)
    8. Around The World [10.04.14]
    9. Sweden to recognise Palestinian state (BBC)
    10. World Peace & Prosperity 
    11. Latest From Science, Technology And Medicine [08.13.14] 

  • African Americans


    1. America In Realization [10.23.14]
    2. Protests against police brutality held in 60 US cities (PressTV)
    3. Current Concerns At The World Stage

Control of drug trafficking in Latin America would bring about revolutionary changes in the American society (parts where drug criminals are prevalent) and bring down inequality in the long run.
I will work to promote Education and bring about social changes in areas where drug crime is prevalent.”


  • Latin Americans



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