Notes: Approach To Politics; Economic Targets For US & Bangladesh [11.05.14]

Approach To Politics 
The politics of Bangladesh is completely different from the politics of United States. So one can’t infer my approach to US Politics from my approach in Bangladesh.
In Bangladesh, many of the politicians are (or were, until recently, before we started our work in Bangladesh) completely drowned in corruption and crime. So a “Strongman” was required (someone like Roosevelt).
The situation in US is completely different – as will be my approach to politics in US

What is required here in America is – Reform and Modernization – to the Government and to politics – a whole lot of them

Economy Of United States – Targets  

  • 2015-16 GDP Growth Rate Target : 5%+

[2013 GDP Growth:  2.2%]

Economy Of Bangladesh – Targets

  • বাংলাদেশের প্রতিটি বাড়িতে Adequate Electricity Supply এবং Industry র জন্য Electricity, Gas Supply নিশ্চিত করা।
Bangladesh: Current Size of the Economy: GDP: Around $500 Billion (PPP) (2013)
Bangladesh: GDP Per Capita: $3,167 (PPP) (2013)
India: GDP Per Capita: $5,777 (PPP) (2014)
Pakistan: GDP Per Capita: $4,699 (PPP) (2013)
  • 2014-15 GDP Growth Rate Target: 10% + 
    • [Massive Reduction in Crime and Corruption; Inflation Control; Political Stability; Development] 
    • [2014-15 First Quarter: GDP Growth Rate 8%+; Compared to 2013-14 First Quarter] 
  • 2015-16 GDP Growth Rate Target: 25% +
    •  Completely under my supervision
  • 2016-17 GDP Growth Rate Target: 30% + 
[2013-14 GDP Growth Rate: 6.01%]


Plans and Targets: Microsoft & Google  

Microsoft Cloud – Cloud  Marketshare – #1
  • Linux support is wise. More Languages, more database options, more data processing features, more features.
  • Nurture Developers, Experts (more MVP like programs), Consultants – catalyze adoption of Cloud.

Enterprise Marketshare – #1 (IBM, SAP, Oracle)

  • Redesign Microsoft Dynamics, Sharepoint, SQL Server. 
  • NoSQL Database. 
  • Enter CAD / CAM Market (Autodesk). Scientific Computing Market (Wolfram).
Winodows Phone – SmartPhone Marketshare – #2
  • Lots of innovative features. Truly giving the customers the best Phone money can buy. Cortana is cool – make it cooler! 
  • Target: Lure Developers to develop Apps. 
    • Better Tools for App Development. 
    • Increasing Marketshare. More excitement.

Microsoft Book 

Microsoft Band & Microsoft Health 

Visual Studio and .NET.  
  • Innovations.
  • Push Educational Games.
Google – Retail – #1
Virtual Reality Platform
  • Training (Aircraft, Surgery), Learning, etc. Not just Games & Social & Entertainment.

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