Notes On Research & Engineering (R&E) [11.06.14]

Research & Engineering (R&E)
  • Applied Physics; Electrical Engineering; Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


  • Chemical Engineering; Materials Science & Engineeing; NanoEngineering
  • BioEngineering & Translational Medicine; Computational & Systems Biology
Earth & Environmental Sciences & Engineering; GeoEngineering; Climate Science
Computer Science & Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics; Computational Sciences and Engineering
Brain Sciences
  • Neuroscience; Psychology; NeuroEngineering
Economics; Social & Political Sciences; Complex Systems; Management Science & Engineering; Industrial & Systems Engineering; Operations Research; Government Services;

Engineering & Applied Sciences


Physical Digital Computing


  1. Emerging Area: Physical Digital Integration
  2. Physical Digital Integration: Cloud Manufacturing & Car 2.0
  3. Smart Home With Physical Digital Integration: What The Future Holds
  4. Could Manufacturing Be The Key To American Lead In Global Economy?
  5. The Science of Reading: Paper versus Screens
  6. On The Future Of Manufacturing: From Scientific American
  7. The Story Behind Physical Digital Computing 
  8. Personal Notes On Book 2.0  
  9. Personal Notes On Robotics
  10. Personal Notes On Manufacturing [Unofficial] 
  11. Personal Notes On 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing [Unofficial] 
  12. Personal Notes On Digital Sports – 1 [Unofficial] 
  13. Designing Information Interface For The Next 5 Billion 
  14. “Things That Think” From Prof. Neil Gershenfeld
  15. Physical Digital Interaction / Experience / Product Designer
  16. Personal Notes On Exponential Technologies [Unofficial]
  17. Personal Notes On Physical Digital Computing – 1 [Unofficial]   

Manhattan Scaleproject on BioSciences, Translational Medicine and BioEngineering

I’ll soon start (as soon as I get funding) a Manhattan Scale project on BioSciences, Translational Medicine and BioEngineering – that will define the frontiers of Healthcare and related fields – like Environment, Energy (Fuel; Photosynthesis inspired Solar Cells?) & Sustainability, Agriculture.


  • Cancer, Ebola, Perkinson’s, AIDS, Alzheimer’s,
  • Disabilities and losses (Eyesight loss; Limb Amputee, etc. <- Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine. We can replace with Mechanical / Physical parts as long as we our Stem Cell / Regenerative Medicine Tech is not advanced enough – but remember – Biology – is the ultimate technology.
My Guiding Principle would beRestore the Normal (as opposed to the artificial – Mechanical devices or Pills or Drugs) – possibly through
  • Stem Cell / Regenerative Medicine or
  • Gene Therapy.
As long as we can’t make headway in Stem Cell / Gene Therapy – we can do away with Drugs and Devices – but the ultimate future is Biology.
My Plan is to build
  • Medical / Scientific / Engineering Equipments (that would be required in my own research) and
  • Sell and use the profit to fund my research / further work.
So only limited funding would be required in the first phase – and from that point on self – funding / reinvesting.
Equipments would require continuous innovations and improvements. For example,
  • Gene Sequencers (Bringing down the cost of Gene sequencing of a single Genome to several hundred dollars or maybe $100.)
  • Robots that automate much of Experimental work. [Consider: Combinatorial Chemistry – parallel reactions]
Another line of products (lots of innovations)
  • Medical / Surgical Equipments (from smaller Ultra-Sounds to “Da Vinci”-like Surgical Robots)
  • Healthcare IT Infrastructure and Services (to Hospitals, Clinics) – [Examples:
  • Sensors that measure Body parameters and store data in Database / Cloud <- Big Data 2.0 on Data;
  • Watson-like AI on Medical Literature (e.g., Pubmed) to augment Medical Researchers and Physicians]


A few BioEngineering / BioMedical Engineering / Molecular Biology / Cell Biology / BioChemistry / BioPhysics / BioInformatics / Computational Biology PhDs – each concentrating on a particular part – under my supervision. For example:

  • One researcher concentrating on Transport system of Cells – 2013 Nobel Physiology or Medicine Prize Work (Collaborating with other researchers focused on other Cellular organelles or Extra-cellular Matrix)
  • Another researcher concentrating on Spatial Representations and Motor Planning in the Brain – 2014 Nobel Physiology or Medicine Prize Work
  • Couple working on how to repair / replace Damaged Organs with Tissue / Organs grown from Stem Cells – carrying on the 2012 Nobel Physiology or Medicine Prize Work.
Another Plan:
I will review and modernizethe FDA (Drug, Medical Device) appoval process.
Going through a process that takes 10 years and costs Billion Dollars – after inventing a drug [and device] – to bring it to market – kills off many promising drugs.
Other “Manhattan Scale” Projects / Innovations:
Education Platform
  • Huge! Reinvention of Education. Changes the way Education is delivered, the way how people learn in each and every country of the World. [Microsoft?]

Artificial Intelligence Platform

    • Watson-like Natural Language Understanding + A Lot More 


  • Less computational resource requirement; Highly developed Knowledge Processing / Reasoning 



  • Apps and Services on Top of the Platform


Cloud Manufacturing Platform + Physical Digital Computing Division

    • This is where the Medical / Surgical / Scientific Equipments would be manufactured. 


  • + Manufacturing Equipments and Services for Companies 



  • Materials / Nano / Applied Physics / Engineering Research



Knowledge Based Robotics

    • Imagine: Robot Engineers repairing your Car.


  • Robots in Industry. Home. Healthcare. Service Robots.

Computer Architecture; Processor; Hardware; Novel Material

Other Revolutionary Products / Set of Products:
  • E-Book 2.0 / E-Magazine 2.0 / E-Newspaper 2.0 & Digital Publishing

Notes On Microsoft & Tech Community
I have become an inspiration for America’s top Software Companies, Executives and Engineers.
I have introduced – Lots of fresh ideas, new outlooks, new perspectives from which to look at.
When you get used to believing that, you are the best in the world – you stop pushing yourself.Companies that once thought – they were the best in the world and hence no need for innovations – were challenged after my arrival.

[No where is this trend more evident than Google.To get a feeling – glimpse at acquisitions made by Google since last November (2013) (Companies that focus on Physical Digital Computing products)] (including 8 Robotics companies and Nest and Skybox Imaging)


Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, HP, Intel and SAP (simplify complexity) – are 5 other companies – where I am hoping – “being challenged” to be followed by innovations.

Executives and Engineers at top companies – who believed that, they were the best in the world – were challenged.

Both – Companies and People – are inspired to do better work.
It would be fantastic – if this realization translates into lots of new innovations.

In the past few years Microsoft has lost the “Brand Appeal” it once enjoyed.
When people use Google (products and services), they feel proud (geeky, Trendy – whatever you say) of it.
When people use iPhone or iPad, they feel they are being smart by using Apple products. (“Apple products are amazing – beautiful and intuitive!”)
Brand appeal depends more on “word of mouth” than on the products themselves.
One of the areas I can work on is to bring back that “Brand Appeal” to Microsoft products (that Microsoft once enjoyed).
“Microsoft is cool!” or maybe “Microsoft is back!”
“Surface is just awesome!”
Satya Nadella, being young (and upto date) – is focused on bringing ideas that are currently appreciated and successful in the Industry (even if the ideas are not as widespread and strictly followed at Microsoft):
  • Cloud first, Mobile first 
  • Competing by quickly bringing products to Market and following up with quick iterations. 

Comment : Following up with quick updates gets more significant in a Mobile first, Cloud first world – where you can push updates whenever you want.

  • Data-driven Marketing and Data-driven Software Engineering process improvement 
  • Focused on Platforms and Services


[When I first read about Satya, (it was when he became the CEO) …. I read …. Neuroscience … Books … loves learning new things .. utilizing brain to get smarter .. Cricket  … I was like, Wow! this guy shares similarities with me!]
Steve Ballmer
Hanged onto – Windows and Office (even by sacrificing some of the areas where Microsoft could have dominated – Smartphone, Touchscreens)
Started and established:
  • Business Division; Cloud; Skype; Server; SQL Server; 
  • X-Box  and Gaming
  • .NET & Visual Studio

Article: What The Next CTO of United States Could Focus On


  • Work with State Gov, Local Gov 

Redesigning the Healthcare System 

Business and Industry 

  • Small Business : Hassle free environment (Regulatory Info -> Web) 
  • Tax Reform

Policy Advising 

    • Domains where Science,Technology and Public Policy Intersect and we need Policies tailored to 21st Century. 
    • Examples: 
      • Security & Privacy 
      • Drones 
      • FDA Drug Approval Process ($1 Billion & 10 years for each drug)


Work with Regulatory Agencies, e.g., FAA, FCC, FDA.

Related Links

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  2. International Relations: Bilateral Relations (I Have Contributed / Will Contribute To) 
  3. Personal Notes On Politics (1) 
  4. Personal Notes On US Policy Reform / Formulation 
  5. Reflections On America [7.31.14] 
  6. America: The Leading Nation In The World  

“Americawas, America is and Americawill continue to be leading the nation in the world.”

Government Services etc. as Platforms and Private Sector developing Services on top of Gov. Services

Open Government

  • Transparency; 
  • Citizen participation through Web & Communication Tech. etc.

  • Taking Successful ideas from Information & Communication Technology Industry and applying them to Government. Examples: 
  • Open Innovation: Prizes

Washington Tech Community, Industry, Scientists, Economists, Academia, Ideas

Challenges (e.g., DARPA Grand Challenge) etc. :

  • NASA, 
  • NSF, 
  • NIH, 
  • NAE, 
  • CDC, 
  • DoD, DARPA, NSA,
Article : Smart Government / Government 2.0

  • Cloud Manufacturing; Digital Manufacturing 
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics 
  • Computer : Architecture, Materials 
  • Car 
  • Data Sciences & Big Data 2.0
  • Materials Science; Chemistry; Chemical Engineering 
  • Physical Digital Products

Management Science & Engineeing
Services on top of
  • Microsoft Enterprise & Microsoft Cloud 
  • [Tahsin] Venture’s 
    • Enterprise Physical Digital Products 
    • Cloud Manufacturing; Digital Manufacturing


Cloud Manufacturing. Digital Manufacturing. Materials. 

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics.

  • Hybrid.  Extremely Fuel Efficient.
  • Semi-Autonomous. 
  • “Connected” 
  • 3D Printed – Personalization.
  • New Material. 
  • New Architecture. Parallel Architecture. 
  • Faster Storage Access.  New Material. 
  • Energy Efficient.


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