Latest From “Digital Sports” [11.13.14]

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Digital Sports [Physical Digital Computing]



“By 2050, robotic experts at the annual world robotic’s championship hope to create a team of robots that can best the winning World Cup team”

I am sure it (that is, a team of Robots capable of winning the Soccer World Cup) will happen a lot earlier than 2050.


“Stacey Burr
Vice president, wearable sports electronics, adidas 

Physiology and activity sensors will enable volumes of data to be collected from athletes unobtrusively. Predictive analytics will be delivered through alerts, enabling coaches to respond in real time to performance shifts or injury risks. When injuries occur, sensors will inform rehabilitation strategies. These insights will enable coaches to be more precise in their training methods and athletes to sustain peak performance over time.” 
John Coulson
Head of professional football services, Opta 
“The biggest advancement will be the acceptance and integration of qualified data scientists into a team’s back-room staff. This Moneyball approach will continue to change football as it has changed many sports.”
Stafford Murray
Head of performance analysis, English Institute of Sport 
The strength of that data will be how usefully it can predict the future, from the performance of a rival athlete to the speeds at which someone can compete. Data feedback will also improve — unless performance data is easily digested, coaches and athletes won’t absorb it. Data visualisation will also play a critical role.”
Adam Beard 
Head of physical performance, Welsh Rugby Union 
“We now collect analytics on everything from physiological stress to the amount an athlete sleeps or the balance of their hormones. But the real opportunity is the potential of motor learning. In a decade’s time we might be able to download a player’s neurophysiological experiences and match them with the vast array of analytics we collect.”


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