Government Services : At My Ventures

Government Services
  • Policy Advising; Governance;
    • Macroeconomic Analysis
    • Impact of Policy Implementation / Reform – Quantitative Estimation; Prediction
  • Smart City; Government 2.0; Smart Government
  • (Democratic) Institutional Reforms Advising


  • Higher Education Leadership. Education Leadership. Educational Technology.
  • Education “Platform”
  • Organization of Scientific Research; Environment that fosters “Conversion of research Into successful Technologies”
  • Development and establishment of successful “tech and entrepreneurial-hubs” – the likes of “Silicon Valley”.


  • Law Enforcement Agencies
    • Consultancy & Training
    • Intelligence; Analysis
    • Technology Support
    • Forensic Science
    • Cyber-Security Training


  • Finance – Consultancy; Monetary policy Formulation; Fiscal Policy Formulation; Macro-Economic Analysis
  • Consultancy to Central Banks
  • Engineering, Research Management Consulting to Industries.
  • Social Reforms; Social Influence; Societal changes
  • Healthcare System design.
























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