Party Affiliation : Democratic Or Republican?

Party Affiliation : Democratic Or Republican?
[As Of 11.21.14]
“Members from both Democratic Party and Republican Party love me. 
So, for me, it’s very easy to declare a party affiliation and join a political party but very difficult to leave the other party behind.”

Republican Ideologies I hold

  • Free Market proponent; “Pro-business”
  • Individual Liberty & Freedom
  • Religious Conservatism
Democratic Ideologies I hold
  • Realization of “American Dream”
  • Strong proponent of Infrastructure spending
  • Strong proponent of Healthcare spending; Education spending
  • Integration of 21st Century ideas and technologies into the Government.
Smart Government

Believer in neither Small Government nor Big Government but

Smart Government.

Smart Government is lean and efficient;
Smart Government spends less on bureaucracy, and spends more on Infrastructure, Healthcare and Education; 
Smart Government utilizes technology and innovative ideas;
Smart Government reduces inequality through encouraging free market (by creating jobs, encouraging entrepreneurial activities).
Smart Government focuses on problems that the Market can’t solve by itself.



“I won’t let there be any unhappy heart on American soil

– someday, but I will definitely make it happen.”

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