Notes On "Establishment Of Democracy In Oman" [Unofficial Post]

Notes On “Establishment Of Democracy In Oman” [Unofficial Post]

How can Oman establish Democracy in the country
  • A new Constitution that preserves and upholds Oman’s values, religious values, history and culture
  • Determination of the form of Democracy :
Ensuring “Checks and balances” and at the same time Preventing “Gridlocks” among
    • Executive Division 
    • Legislative Division 
    • Judiciary Division
Balance of power among:
    • State Government 
    • Local Governments
  • A new form of Government for the 21st Century with emphasis on – Citizen participation in Government decision making – enabled by the Internet, Web, Information & Communication Technologies
  • Formation of a Committee – oversees –
    • Constitution and 
    • Structure of Government

– making unanimous decisions (e.g., Presidential or Parliamentary form of Government?) in every step of the process. The Committee includes representatives from every part, tribes and groups of Oman.

  • Establishment of Democratic Institutions:
    • Parliament, Judiciary Reform, Election Commission, Anti-corruption Commission, Central Bank (Reform?) , ….
  • Spreading of “Democratic Awareness”, “Democratic Values” among people
  • Formation of political parties
  • Finally:
A free and fair election and transfer of power to the winning party.
  • Creating “Systems” that work – perfectly – permanently – even when I am not overseeing’
Currently, I am poking around (ranging from Bangladesh and Burma to Mexico and Microsoft) – trying to solve problems, trying to get things done in a better way.
Next, I shall build “Systems”– so that everything works perfectly permanently – even if I am not overseeing / even in my absence.”
Democracy was the most successful political idea of the 20th century. Why has it run into trouble, and what can be done to revive it?
[The last thing you want is – your “Financial System” to collapse. Remember 2007 – 08 Recession?]


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