Scientific Approach To Engineering

Scientific Approach To Engineering
I have never taken a single course in Aerospace Engineering.


But I am capable of single-handedly building a passenger Aircraft as big as Boeing and more advanced than anything the world has ever seen.


Moreover, building an Aircraft is simple for me.


How is it possible?


For me, building an Aircraft is utilizing “a few” basic laws of Physics and “a few” fundamental principles of Chemistry (Materials for Aircraft).


For Aerospace Engineers, building an Aircraft is complex and, surely out of reach for any single individual Engineer.


  • Because the Aerospace Engineer learns about “Jet Engines” and loses himself in details. (He doesn’t see that only a few basic Principles of Physics and Chemistry govern the design of a Jet Engine.)


  • The Aerospace Engineer learns to calculate the wind pressure required to keep the Aircraft flying – and loses himself in details – on the size and speed. (He doesn’t see that a few basic Laws of Physics and Chemistry is enough to calculate and design the wings of an Aircraft and the amount of pressure required to support the weight of the Aircraft.)


  • The modern control system (built out of complex Software) that a modern Pilot uses to guide himself while running a plane – is out of reach of any single Aerospace Engineer. For me – designing and building the Software is simple.



This is how “being the best Scientist makes me the best Engineer”.


In brief:  
Physics and Chemistry – simplifies the world with a few basic principles (these are the laws of nature, the ultimate possibilities). If you learn those principles – you can build anything you can think of – from Passenger Aircraft and Satellite to High Speed Rail and Electric Car.




Scientific Approach To Engineering


Learning the ultimate possibilities through Science and building the ultimate Engineering Machines


I am more of a scientist – a Theory Builder. And that makes me the best Engineer.

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Manhattan Scale project on BioSciences, Translational Medicine and BioEngineering



I’ll start a Manhattan Scale project on BioSciences, Translational Medicine and BioEngineering – that will define the frontiers of Healthcare and related fields – like Environment, Energy (Fuel; Photosynthesis inspired Solar Cells?) & Sustainability, Agriculture.


  • Cancer, Ebola, Parkinson’s, AIDS, Alzheimer’s,
  • Disabilities and losses (Eyesight loss; Limb Amputee, etc. <- Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine. We can replace with Mechanical / Physical parts as long as we our Stem Cell / Regenerative Medicine Tech is not advanced enough – but remember – Biology – is the ultimate technology.


My Guiding Principle would be – Restore the Normal (as opposed to the artificial – Mechanical devices or Pills or Drugs) – possibly through
  • Stem Cell / Regenerative Medicine or
  • Gene Therapy.


As long as we can’t make headway in Stem Cell / Gene Therapy – we can do away with Drugs and Devices – but the ultimate future is Biology.
My Plan is to build
  • Medical / Scientific / Engineering Equipments (that would be required in my own research) and
  • Sell and use the profit to fund my research / further work.


So only limited funding would be required in the first phase – and from that point on self – funding / reinvesting.
Equipments would require continuous innovations and improvements. For example,
  • Gene Sequencers (Bringing down the cost of Gene sequencing of a single Genome to several hundred dollars or maybe $100.)
  • Robots that automate much of Experimental work. [Consider: Combinatorial Chemistry – parallel reactions]


Another line of products (lots of innovations)
  • Medical / Surgical Equipments (from smaller Ultra-Sounds to “Da Vinci”-like Surgical Robots)
  • Healthcare IT Infrastructure and Services (to Hospitals, Clinics) – Examples:
    • Sensors that measure Body parameters and store data in Database / Cloud <- Big Data 2.0 on Data;
    • Watson-like AI on Medical Literature (e.g., Pubmed) to augment Medical Researchers and Physicians




A few

BioEngineering / BioMedical Engineering / Molecular Biology / Cell Biology / BioChemistry / BioPhysics / BioInformatics / Computational Biology PhDs

– each concentrating on a particular part – under my supervision:

  • One researcher concentrating on Transport system of Cells – 2013 Nobel Physiology or Medicine Prize Work (Collaborating with other researchers focused on other Cellular organelles or Extra-cellular Matrix)


  • Another researcher concentrating on Spatial Representations and Motor Planning in the Brain – 2014 Nobel Physiology or Medicine Prize Work
  • Couple working on how to repair / replace Damaged Organs with Tissue / Organs grown from Stem Cells – carrying on the 2012 Nobel Physiology or Medicine Prize Work
Policy Reform:
I will review and modernize the FDA (Drug, Medical Device) appoval process.
Going through a process that takes 10 years and costs Billion Dollars – after inventing a drug [and device] – to bring it to market – kills off many promising drugs.
Other “Manhattan Scale” Projects / Innovations:
Education Platform
  • Huge! Reinvention of Education. Changes the way Education is delivered, the way how people learn in each and every country of the World. [Microsoft?]
  • E-Book 2.0 / E-Magazine 2.0 / E-Newspaper 2.0 & Digital Publishing

Artificial Intelligence Platform

  • Watson-like Natural Language Understanding + A Lot More
  • Less computational resource requirement; Highly developed Knowledge Processing / Reasoning
  • Apps and Services on Top of the Platform

Cloud Manufacturing Platform + Physical Digital Computing Division

  • This is where the Medical / Surgical / Scientific Equipments would be manufactured.
  • + Manufacturing Equipments and Services for Companies
  • Materials / Nano / Applied Physics / Engineering Research

Knowledge Based Robotics

  • Imagine: Robot Engineers repairing your Car.
  • Robots in Industry. Home. Healthcare. Service Robots.

Computer Reimagined [Computer Architecture; Processor; Hardware; Novel Material, UI]




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