Influence & Impact In Silicon Valley: Immigration Reform, Reawakening Of Microsoft & More

  1. “CEO Thinking”
  2. Design of Great Products
  3. Immigration Reform
  4. Microsoft: Reawakening
  5. Physical Digital Computing
  6. Frontiers Of Computer Science
  7. Solving Real World Problems with Technology
  8. Business, Economics & Entrepreneurship Principles
  9. Privacy in the age of Big Data and Physical Digital Computing

“CEO Thinking”

  • Showing how CEOs think and plan.


  1. Plans For Microsoft [1] (TahsinVersion2) 

Design of Great Products

  • Showing how to design great products (Microsoft Band, etc.)
  • Inclusion of high-tech workers (both Entrepreneurs and Engineers) in Immigration Reform Executive Order by President.



Establishment as a between Silicon Valley and Washington.



  1. America In Realization [11.21.14] (Tahsinversion2)
  2. Workers in Silicon Valley Weigh In on Obama’s Immigration Order (New York Times)
  3. America In Realization [11.24.14] (Tahsinversion2)

My post on Immigration Reform

“More “Brains”: bright foreign born students with American Education and Smart Entrepreneurs joining the American economy (rather than leaving for his / her emerging country). We surely don’t want foreign born students to leave our country once they are done with their Engineering or PhD degrees. 

As is evident from FWD.US, high tech companies enthusiastically support the immigration reform. They want to turn more of smart foreign Engineers into American Engineers.Statistics reflect the motivation that is driving the high tech companies.  

In 2010, Asian Americans became the majority of tech workforce in the valley for the first time, making up 50.1 percent [1].One third of the startups in Silicon Valley are founded by Indian Americans [1].Moreover, immigrants bring new views, new perspectives from which to look at things we got used to. “

Microsoft: Reawakening

  • Reawakening of Microsoft.


    1. Microsoft leapfrogs Exxon to become second largest firm (BBC) 
“Energy giant Exxon has ceded its position as the world’s second-largest public company to tech firm Microsoft, after concerns about the falling price of oil drove its shares down.

Exxon’s shares traded at $94.90 midday on Friday, reducing the total value of all its shares, or market capitalisation, to $401.9bn (£256.7bn). Shares in Microsoft – which have been rising after a strong October earnings report – hit $49.81.
That gives it a value of $410.5bn.

  1. Latest From Science, Technology And Medicine [11.14.14] (Tahsinversion2)
  2. Latest From Science, Technology And Medicine [11.20.14] (Tahsinversion2)


Physical Digital Computing

  • Pioneering Physical Digital Computing
Frontiers Of Computer Science
  • Computer Science at its breadth (Read by everyone from Engineers to University Computer Science Professors around the world to keep up with the latest developments in Computer Science and find out where the field is headed next)

Solving Real World Problems with Technology
  • Showing how to solve real world problems with Computers and Technology (not just hacking the next great messaging app!).


  1. Notes On Microsoft, Microsoft Band and How “‘Wearables” Might Revolutionize US Healthcare [Updated]
  2. Notes On Products
  3. On Physical Digital Computing And Beyond
  4. Latest From Science, Technology & Medicine [11.03.14] (Economics of Physical Digital Computing) 

Business, Economics & Entrepreneurship Principles

  • Teaching principles of Business, Economics, Marketing (“brand appeal” of Microsoft, etc.), Entrepreneurship (Uber, Airbnb, etc.).

Privacy in the age of Big Data and Physical Digital Computing

  • Emphasizing the value of privacy in the age of Big Data and Physical Digital Computing.

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