America In Realization [12.12.14]

Business & Economy

The U.S. economy is poised for stronger growth in 2015 thanks to falling gas prices, a tighter job market and expectations of larger wage gains

2015 would be big for US Economy, as it would be for American Corporations.

“U.S. families’ debt burdens have settled at their lowest level in over a decade, putting the economy on a stronger footing relative to global rivals going into 2015.
With home values rising, Americans are beginning to borrow more, a development that could help lift spending and juice the U.S. economy.
Total U.S. household debt, when measured as a share of disposable income, has fallen”

Smart Government 

Latest From Science, Technology, Medicine & Innovation [12.12.14]

Knowledge Based Robotics
Expert Robots

My Post onKnowledge Based Robotics” / “Expert Robots”:

Smart Government
What is “Smart Government” like?

“Governments are borrowing ideas about innovation from the private sector

innovation units are becoming de rigueur in the public sector too: Boston has an Office of New Urban Mechanics; Denmark has a MindLab; and Singapore has the more prosaically named PS21 Office.

Sometimes governments simply copy what private firms are doing.

Sometimes they get money and advice from private sources: the New Orleans Innovation Delivery Team is partly funded by Michael Bloomberg.

The units also provide a connection with academia. Britain’s Behavioural Insights Team, … applying the insights of behavioural economics to public policy  … tweak the words of a routine letter to say that most people in the recipient’s local area had already paid their taxes. … This year Britain’s Behavioural Insights Team transformed itself into an independent social-purpose company, partly owned by the British government, that sells its services to governments around the world and maintains a division in New South Wales.

government innovation labs … from … Malaysia to .. Finland, … offices of mayors … halls of central government.

a lot of emphasis on harnessing technology. The most popular idea is co-creation …. reporting problems 

Co-creation frequently goes hand in hand with open innovation and the sharing economy [Personal Note: Increasing efficiency of Public Resources / wealth generation from Public resources].” 

Innovation Bureau in Seoul is extending the concept of collectively using expensive resources: “generation sharing” matches elderly people who have a spare room with students who need a place to stay and are willing to help out with housework.

The most striking thing about these institutions is their willingness to experiment. The Centre for Social Innovation in Colombia has developed computer games which are designed to teach pre-teenagers to make sensible choices about everything from nutrition to gang membership.

America’s federal government spends almost $4 trillion a year. Bureaucracies are designed to kill innovation in the name of predictability. And a change in the political wind can reverse sensible changes. Politicians can also sometimes treat the existence of innovation centres as a justification for carrying on with business as usual elsewhere. What is more, such centres spend a lot of time putting sticking plasters on cancers. France’s Experimental Fund for Youth provides young people with driving licences at reduced cost. It would be better if the government changed the rules that make getting a licence in France such a lengthy and expensive nightmare.”

Around South Asia & South East Asia [12.12.14]


India – Russia Relations



Prime Minister Narendra Modi

“It’s probably not a stretch to say that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi just scored a win at the United Nations.
The international body Thursday declared June 21 the International Day of Yoga, something Mr. Modi called for in September in his maiden address to the U.N. General Assembly in New York.
”By changing our lifestyle and raising consciousness, it can help us deal with climate change,” he told the group of nations at the time. ”Let us work towards adopting an International Yoga Day.”

Nobel Peace Prize



Around Asia Pacific & Oceania [12.12.14]

“China is adding more cash to its financial system to spur growth.
China’s Central Bank is pumping about $65 Billion.”

Plans For Microsoft [12.12.14]

Microsoft Devices

Branding & Image

I would like to see Microsoft to be positioned as:

“Microsoft is a company that deeply cares for people.”


  • Seamless integration of touch version (“tile”) and desktop version of Windows.
    • Seamless Integration across Devices
    • Integration across Cloud Device. [Cloud as an extended Hard-drive that “syncs” across devices]

Clue: For now: 

Introduce “Folders” to arrange Apps and Files on “tile” version

Hierarchical => Folders inside Folders to arrange Files and apps [Consider, Windows’ Filesystem & Drives]

Make corresponding changes (Redesign) to the Windows’ Filesystem so that the Filesystem is more in tune with the UI;

which would lead to changes in File permissions, etc. [No more C Drive, D Drive, etc.]

These are massive changes.

Possible Plan:  

Parallel Release of:

  • Windows 10 and
  • Windows “X” [which would be a completely new Windows redesigned from the ground-up]

Or, Windows 10, Windows Mobile: “Folders” on Tile. Later: Changes to the Filesystem.

These are patentable stuff! Worth $$$$$ …. (1 followed by lots & lots of zeros!) So, Shhhh ….!

“Brand Appeal”
One of the areas I shall work on is to bring the “Brand Appeal” back to Microsoft products (that Microsoft once enjoyed).
“Microsoft is cool!” or maybe “Microsoft is back!”
“Surface is simply sensational!”

Increase of “Brand Appeal” and excitement around Microsoft Products

    1. Microsoft leapfrogs Exxon to become second largest firm (BBC) 


“Energy giant Exxon has ceded its position as the world’s second-largest public company to tech firm Microsoft, after concerns about the falling price of oil drove its shares down.

Exxon’s shares traded at $94.90 midday on Friday, reducing the total value of all its shares, or market capitalisation, to $401.9bn (£256.7bn). Shares in Microsoft – which have been rising after a strong October earnings report – hit $49.81.
That gives it a value of $410.5bn.






Plans and Targets: Microsoft
 Microsoft Surface – Tablet Marketshare Target – Surpass iPad 

  • Introduce Lower cost and lighter (in weight) versions [Surface “Light”; besides Surface Pro]. Surface “Light” has to be stylish. Buyers (it’s not going to be another cheap Laptop) would compare it with iPad and Mac. UI innovations in Windows 10? 
  • Workplace Computer that you can carry around – Surface Pro
  • One Surface – In place of “1 Laptop (For study, work) and 1 Tablet (“Coolness factor”for consumption of Media, Apps, Games”.
  • Keyboard – Urges you to create (Tablet / touch-only devices – only for media, apps, based consumption)

Microsoft Cloud – Cloud  Marketshare – #1
  • Linux support is wise. More Languages (+ Scala), more Database (NoSQLs) options, more data processing features, more features.
  • Nurture Developers, Experts (more MVP like programs), Consultants – catalyze adoption of Cloud.

[I intend to build my Ventures’

  • Artificial Intelligence Platform
  • Education Platform
  • Healthcare Platform
  • “Real Object Programming” (ROP) Platform

on top of Microsoft Cloud.]


Enterprise Marketshare – Target: #1 (IBM, SAP, Oracle) 

  • Redesign Microsoft Dynamics, Sharepoint, SQL Server.
  • ERP
  • NoSQL Database.
  • Enter CAD / CAM Market (Autodesk). Scientific Computing Market (Wolfram).

[My Ventures would provide

  • “Management Science & Engineering” Services,
  • Government Services

    on top of Windows & Microsoft Enterprise Software,

besides building the Ventures’ own

  • Software and
  • Devices &
  • Smart Connected Products.

So, Microsoft Enterprise would play a big role.]

Microsoft Phone – SmartPhone Marketshare – #2


  • Lots of innovative features. Truly giving the customers the best Phone money can buy. Cortana is cool – make it cooler!
  • Target: Lure Developers to develop Apps.
    • Better Tools for App Development.
    • Increasing Market Share. More excitement.
Visual Studio and .NET.  
  • Innovations.
  • Target for C#: Surpass Objective-C in popularity.
  • Establish as a cross platform app development platform. Write once in C# / F#, run on Windows, iOS and Android. (Xamarin, etc.)
  • Visual Studio, .NET on Linux, Mac (Mono, etc.) (Open Source)
  • Scala on .NET
  • F#: Data processing, Concurrent programming, Scripting, quick development / Rapid prototyping (An alternative to Python, JavaScript, Ruby), REPL.
  • Python on .NET. [Support -> IronPython]  


Microsoft Book

Microsoft Band & Microsoft Health 


Xbox One
  • Push Educational Games.

Microsoft Kinect

Hiring Plans

Hire a great Product Designer / Industrial Designer.
Message @Bill Gates & @Satya Nadella: Look for someone like Jonathan Ive.

[Approach to Product Design:

  • To Designers: This is what the product is going to look like (e.g., come up with designs for “Folders on Windows Tiles”).
    • This is the list of features – the product is going to have.
    • These are the Technological possibilities, limits, constraints (Examples: Filesystem, Graphics Processing Limits, etc.). 
    • This list contains everything – Consumers / People look for.
  • To Designers: I want you to collaborate with other Designers and come up with lots of alternative designs. 
  • I will make the final design choices – from all of the alternative designs – taking all the factors into consideration.]


Overall direction

Satya Nadella, being young (and upto date) – is focused on bringing ideas that are currently appreciated and successful in the Industry (even if the ideas are not as widespread and strictly followed at Microsoft)

  • Cloud first, Mobile first
  • Competing by quickly bringing products to Market and following up with quick iterations.

[Remarks : Following up with quick updates gets more significant in a “Mobile first, Cloud first” world – where you can push updates whenever you want.]

  • Data-driven Marketing and Data-driven Software Engineering process improvement 
  • Focused on “Platforms and Services” [Change from Ballmer’s focus on “Devices and Services”]

[Remark: My preference – Devices, Platforms & Services]


I shall work on: 

  • Software development language / component, process, tools improvement => improvements in productivity, reliability, maintainability.


Steve Ballmer


Hanged onto – Windows and Office (even by sacrificing some of the areas where Microsoft could have dominated – Smartphone, Touchscreens)


Started and established:


  • Business Division; Cloud; Skype; Server; SQL Server;
  • X-Box  and Gaming
  • .NET & Visual Studio