Ultimate Goals – We Are Working Towards

Ultimate Goals – We Are Working Towards

  • Knowledge

  • Crime-free World #TowardsCrimeFreeWorld

  • Eradication of Diseases, Disabilities & Sufferings

  • Happy, Satisfied & Fulfilled Human Souls

  • Humanity – United

  • Know everything there is to know (everything humanity can ever know). Design a new and better world in light of the gained knowledge.

Spiritual Goal translated into Worldly Equivalent:

Learn everything there is to be learned.
[Thousands of years of history of knowledge acquisition process of humanity comes to an end.]
Take Technology to its ultimate possibility.

Design & Engineer a new and better World.

  • Free the world of evil and establish a heavenly world.

Spiritual Goal translated into Worldly Equivalent:

(In everyday terms, which means eliminating all forms of crimes) 
[Progress is being made.]

We started our work in Bangladesh. Progress has been made across different areas (Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Illicit Arms Control, Formalin Control, etc.)

Next, we spread our work around the world:

Latin America, Caribbean 
[Drug Trafficking;]

Other Countries in the region

South Asia, South East Asia 
[Drug Trafficking; Human Trafficking; Gold Smuggling]

Our Progress in freeing Europe & US of Crime

Organized Crime in Italy, US & Elsewhere: Sicilian Mafia, ‘Ndrangheta, other groups.

Distance from Alcohol, Drugs, etc.

Gradually, Free the world of Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Weapons’ threat.


“The decline is occurring at the same time as two factors long believed to lead to an increase in crime: The US prison population is dropping and the number of young adults has risen.”

“On December 10th police arrested 61 people in an operation against the ’Ndrangheta, the mafia from Calabria, the toe of Italy. Arrests on December 2nd highlighted a gang that has established close links with local officials and politicians of left and right.


  • Establish a world free of all kinds of diseases and disabilities and sufferings.

Spiritual Goal translated into Worldly Equivalent:

[Focus from 2015]

Research in BioEngineering & Translational Medicine.

Improvement in Healthcare Services.
Neurological, Psychiatric & Psychological Services [Sufferings].

  • Assist each & every Human Soul on Earth to be happy, satisfied and fulfilled.
  • Unite humanity.

Spiritual Goal translated into Worldly Equivalent:

Progress is being made in 2014.

[International Relations – Bilateral relations]

Links (Progress Towards Uniting Humanity)

  • Sectarian Conflict Resolution: Bangladesh, India, Burma, China.

  • Israel – Palestine Relations

  • A new era of strengthened US – China relations starts:

    • America In Realization [11.12.14] [TahsinVersion2]  

      “I am blessed with people’s love. This common love can be translated into nations co-operating with each other.Another a wonderful thing is taking place –
      people from different parts of the world are getting to know each other through my blog –
      the problems each of them face,
      the similarities they share,
      and in the process, people are discovering their common roots in humanity and getting closer to each other.”

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