Notes For Roman Catholic Church

God wants each of us to grow and be like Him.
And we can help people grow by providing tools and creating conditions, platforms for empowerment.

=> Empowering People      #EmpoweringPeople

Each and everyone of us has so much potential inside – waiting to be unlocked.

I will show ways of unlocking that potential – through my “Education Platforms and Services”.

=> Decentralization of Power 

If anyone does wrong – show him the right way.

But encourage everyone to grow and contribute.

Redesign Organizations so that everyone feels “empowered”.

[This is why the US Philosophy of “Individual Liberty and Freedom” has been proven to be so successful.

This principle also underlies “Free-Market Capitalism” (“Let Firms grow”) – with necessary Government interventions – whenever required

(e.g., Government intervening to “empower” the poor – creating Platforms & Services {e.g., Education, Healthcare} so that they can grow themselves and reach their potential).

But when Firms get wise and consider the long term: “Win-win” proves to be the best Policy – you win most when you win with others.]

Articles By Me

Marriage & Family Life


Unification of Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodox Church and other Christian denominations and sects


Earlier in News

“Roman Catholic Church leaders from around the world begin a two-week brainstorming session this weekend, on how to better present their teachings on marriage, family life, and sexuality to their flock.
In Vatican terminology, the closed-door session is called an “extraordinary synod”.
The 263 participants in the Synod of the Family are almost all celibate males, with no first-hand experience of creating their own families, although a dozen hand-picked Roman Catholic married couples will sit in and share their experience with the synod “fathers”.
Pope Francis will address the synod when it opens but intends to use the meeting mainly as a listening experience.
He wants the world’s bishops to involve themselves freely in the future governance of the Church, rather than being relegated to the sidelines, as at many previous synods, when the agenda was set and proceedings were tightly controlled by the powerful cardinals of the Roman Curia, the central government of the Church, based inside in the Vatican.
Extraordinary synods are rare and called to address urgent challenges faced by the Church. This one will be watched particularly closely, both inside and outside the Church – whose future could depend on what emerges.”


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