আজকের উপলব্ধিতে নাগরিক ঐক্য [২৮.১২.১৪]

International Relations – Foreign Policy – Diplomacy


তরুণ প্রজন্ম


আজকের উপলব্ধিতে বাংলাদেশ [২৮.১২.১৪]

রাজনীতি – দেশজুড়ে

“গত ছয় বছরে (২০০৯-১৪) সরকারি দলের অভ্যন্তরীণ কোন্দলে আওয়ামী লীগ, যুবলীগ ও ছাত্রলীগের অন্তত ১৭২ জন নেতা-কর্মী খুন হয়েছেন। রাজনৈতিক প্রতিপক্ষ ও চরমপন্থীদের হাতে খুন হয়েছেন আরও ৭৪ জন। ২০০৯ থেকে এ বছরের নভেম্বর পর্যন্ত ক্ষমতায় থেকেও দলটি এই ২৪৬ নেতা-কর্মীকে রক্ষা করতে পারেনি।
মানবাধিকার সংগঠন আইন ও সালিশ কেন্দ্রের (আসক) তথ্য সংরক্ষণ ইউনিট, প্রথম আলোর ৬৪ জেলা প্রতিনিধির সংগৃহীত তথ্য, প্রথম আলোয় প্রকাশিত এ-সংক্রান্ত প্রতিবেদন এবং সার্চ ইঞ্জিন গুগলের মাধ্যমে পাওয়া তথ্য যাচাই-বাছাই ও বিশ্লেষণ করে অভ্যন্তরীণ কোন্দলের এ চিত্র পাওয়া গেছে।
এসব হত্যার পাশাপাশি দলীয় কোন্দলে সৃষ্ট সংঘর্ষে ছয় বছরে আহত ব্যক্তির সংখ্যা ছিল ১৩ হাজার ৬৯১। এঁদের প্রায় সবাই সরকারি দলের নেতা-কর্মী। এই সময়ে নিজেদের মধ্যে সহিংস ঘটনা ঘটেছে ১ হাজার ১১১টি।”

Around Latin America & Caribbean [12.28.14]


American author Ernest Hemingway, left, and former Cuban President Fidel Castro, who were fishing pals and a symbol of the two country’s intimate history, together in Havana in 1960.

American author Ernest Hemingway, left, and former Cuban President Fidel Castro, who were fishing pals and a symbol of the two country’s intimate history, together in Havana in 1960.

“in cultural relations, the two countries have maintained a mutual infatuation that first flowered in the 19th century and persisted through the Cold War, even when their leaders were threatening each other with invasions, blockades and nuclear annihilation.

That relationship has touched artists as diverse as the Cuban poet and national hero José Martí, novelists Ernest Hemingway and Guillermo Cabrera Infante, photographer Walker Evans, jazz giant Nat King Cole and slide-guitar virtuoso Ry Cooder. Artistic exchanges between the two countries have stepped up in recent years, as the Obama administration loosened restrictions on culture-related travel.

Now, with this week’s announcement that Cuba and the U.S. plan to restore diplomatic relations, politics finally may be catching up with art.”



President Nicolas Maduro, who made the announcement via Twitter, stressed that Ramirez’s move was a direct result of Venezuela’s imminent heightened status at the United Nations.”









Agendas For The World

Agendas For The World

Latin America & Caribbean

  • Drug & Arms Control. #StopDrugTrafficking
    • Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Caribbean Region (Trafficking).
  • Market Reform. Opening up Markets.
    • Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela.
  • Stable Democracies. Peace with Rebel Groups.
    • Colombia: Government – FARC Peace Deal.

Asia Pacific & Oceania

  • Ensuring Security.
  • Denuclearization of North Korea. Rebuilding North Korea.
  • Establishment of Democracy in Hong Kong.
  • Proper Democracy in Taiwan.
  • Establishment of Rights of Religious and Ethnic Minorities #MinorityRights [China: Tibetan Buddhists, Chinese Christians, Uyghur Muslims]
  • Assisting China & President Xi Jinping to deal with the Challenges China faces today:
    • Dealing with a Middle Class (in the Urban region) that is ever more demanding.
    • Rural Region: Transition from Socialist (collective ownership) to Market-Driven Economy.
    • Challenges of Economic Reforms: gradual opening of Markets (that President Xi Jinping & The Communist Party has in agenda).
    • Challenges of opening up Media. Promotion of Freedom & Liberty & Free Speech.

EU Region & Eastern Europe

  • Establishment of Peace & Security in Ukraine, Followed by Rebuilding Ukraine #LetsBuildStrongerUkraine
  • Italy – #StopOrganizedCrime . Disrupting all of the Organized Crime, Mafia Groups operating in Italy and their counterparts operating in US and Latin America (‘Ndrangheta, Sicilian Mafia, other Organized Crime Groups.)  #StopDrugTrafficking
  • Security in Eastern Europe: Moldova, Georgia, Lithunia, Latvia, Ukraine.
  • Integration of Eastern European Nations into European Union (EU) and Euro.
  • Integration of Russia into European Union (EU).

South Asia & South East Asia

  • Drug & Arms Control.
  • Human Trafficking Control.
  • Gold Smuggling Control. Money Laundering Control.
  • Establishment of Rights of Religious and Ethnic Minorities. #MinorityRights
    • Bangladesh, India, Burma, China (Tibetan Buddhists, Chinese Christians, Uyghur Muslims)
  • Changing the Hearts & Minds of Extremists.
  • Anti-Corruption Initiatives.  #SayNoToCorruption

Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Electricity. Gas.
  • Poverty Reduction.
  • Better Healthcare.
  • Promotion of Education.  #EmpoweringPeople
  • Agricultural Development: Agricultural Technologies, Flow of Information, Biotechnology.
  • Anti-Corruption Initiatives.  #SayNoToCorruption
  • Peace & Security in Somalia, Central African Republic & South Sudan.

Middle East, Central Asia & North Africa

  • Peace & Security in the region.
  • Changing the Hearts & Minds of Extremists.
  • Stable Governments.
  • Rebuilding of war-torn Syria, Iraq & Libya.
  • Establishment of Democracy in Oman.
  • Iran Nuclear Deal (Complete Deal – July 2015 – Hopefully).
  • Palestine as an Independent Nation.

Two of my significant contributions to the Middle East & North Africa Region:

  • [1]

Driving away Saudi Arabia (and its allies) from supporting certain groups of Extremists (e.g., certain groups of Sunni extremists like groups of Al-Qaeda). And driving away Iran (and its allies) from supporting certain groups of Extremists (groups of Shiite extremists like Hezbollah)

President Mahmoud Abbas

President Mahmoud Abbas with Hamas Leaders


– [12.28.14]

Around Africa [12.28.14]


George Weah

George Weah


Health workers took the temperatures of voters as a precaution against Ebola

Health workers took the temperatures of voters as a precaution against Ebola








“Mr Weah got 78% of the vote for the Montserrado county seat, which includes the capital Monrovia.

Strict health controls were in place to try to prevent the spread of the disease.

Liberia has been one of the countries worst affected by Ebola, with almost 3,400 deaths, the UN says.

Mr Weah won the first round of the 2005 presidential election, losing the runoff to Ms Johnson-Sirleaf.

He is the only African to be named Fifa’s world player of the year, winning in 1995.”

America In Realization [12.28.14]



North Dakota In Realization


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