Around South Asia & South East Asia [12.29.14]

Areas I would like to get myself involved in:

  • “Large Scale Engineering” in Sri Lanka
  • Education in Indonesia


Sri Lanka



“The country’s new president, Joko Widodo, generally known as Jokowi, hopes to change that with help from his new education secretary, Anies Baswedan, a former university president and creator of a programme that sends graduates to teach in remote areas.

Three ministries …. The education ministry oversees state primary, junior and secondary schools; the religious-affairs ministry has control of madrassas, or Islamic schools; and the president has now made the ministry for research and technology responsible for universities and polytechnics.

Whereas primary-enrolment rates in richer districts are close to 100%, in some poorer districts they remain below 60%. Nor are teachers evenly distributed.


cheating scandals

What matters is how well teachers perform in the classroom, and encouraging students to think critically.

teachers need better training.

vocational-training institutes

“Indonesia Smart Card” provides school fees and stipends to 24m poor students across Indonesia, guaranteeing them 12 years of free education.”

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