Letter To Princess Shamita Tahsin [22]



People at Church knew,
that I am the ultimate Judge,
that I am destined to rule over the World,
that I am destined to fill the World with Peace & Justice.

But no one knew how it was going to happen!

Now, as events are unfolding, everyone can see the process “In action”!


I wrote, I can’t limit myself to a single Corporation or even several Corporations.
Now, people will understand why.

If I limit myself to a single Corporation, all the Corporations of the World would go bankrupt within a few years – even those that have a valuation of $200 Billion or $300 Billion.
So I have to assist all the Corporations of the World, besides building my own.

Even if all of the Millions of the best and brightest Scientists & Engineers of the World work together in a single Company and work on a specific Project / Product (e.g., an advanced Artificial Intelligence Platform or a Smart Home Gadget) – those Millions of Scientists & Engineers still won’t be able to match what I can single-handedly invent / discover.


It’s not just Immigration Reform and Healthcare Reform,

I have many other avenues for influencing the development of United States:

  • When decisions are made for Government Research grants (issued by National Science Foundation, DARPA and other agencies) to University Faculty members and Members of different Government Research Institutes, my ideas and writings are taken into account.
  • Magazines and Newspapers published from US and Britain take my writings into account.


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