Current State Of Science & Technology In Iran


The state of science & technology in Iran is quite developed, particularly among muslim nations.

In fact, if one leaves out Israel, and Turkey, the state of Science & Technology in Iran is the most advanced in the Middle East, South Asia & South East Asia Region.

But high quality scientific and engineering research in Iran is mostly limited to the Public SectorUniversities & Government Facilities.

Apart from Medical Research – that can be easily translated into Medical or Surgical Practices – very little Research is translated to the Private Sector (generating Economic benefits / Wealth).
Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology Industry in Iran is exemplary in Translational Research.

Biochemical Research, Nanotechnology Research, Medical Research, Nuclear Research (which must be limited to Nuclear Power Plants and not as another threat to the World), Aerospace Research, Robotics, Microprocessor Manufacturing, Super-Computers

– Iranians are doing advanced research, but only in the Public Sector.

What seem most promising:

  • Iranians are talented and
  • Research facilities seem to be in place.

To become an Economic Powerhouse, Iran needs High Technology Companies – which – its state of research indicates – it is capable of producing – although yet to materialize.

I am willing to provide guidance for:

Development of High Tech Industries in Iran.

If Iran is only the 9th country to put domestic-built Satellite into Orbit [Public Sector], why can’t an Iranian Firm build a Commercial Aircraft [Private Sector]?

Different body of Expertise (& Outlook), Institutional Structures & Policies are required for

Development of Research & Engineering Based High Tech Industries [Translational Research – turning research into Market Products] :


  • e.g., Knowledge of International Market.


  • Research is not just about publishing Papers and dreaming of the glory of winning Prizes & Awards! Translating Research into Industrial Products and making your country wealthier is equal in “glory”!
    • Required Outlook: How do I incorporate my research into an Industrial Product?

Institutional Structures

  • Venture Capital Firms and other Financial Institutions that are bold enough to invest in Companies that bring “research – generated products” to Markets.
    • In many Developing Nations, where there aren’t many High Technology Firms and not a lot of success stories, Investors struggle to believe in success of such Firms.


  • e.g., Policies that encourage Entrepreneurship


Israel is a very good example of a country that has mastered the art of turning “Research” into “High Tech Industries”.

Iran can, and should learn from Israel.

Here is a nice book to start with:

Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle by Dan Senor, Saul Singer


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