Education – Institutions, Platforms, Tools & Leadership: At My Ventures

Youtube Playlist (Compiled By Me): 

Education: Institutions, Platforms, Tools & Leadership


Education: Institutions, Platforms, Tools & Leadership




[Printed Textbook Plus Digital “Interactive” Versions]

  • Most authoritative and up to date work (continuously updated) on every area and sub-area of Science & Engineering, Humanities and Social Studies, Economics & Business.
  • Me, with Co-Authors.


Higher Education Leadership




Instances of Platforms:

The Instances above are crude versions of what comes next.

Links to Articles:


“Problem Solving” Platforms

“Competitive” Platforms

  • Mathematical Olympiads. Science Olympiads. Chess Olympiads.
  • Programming Contests. Engineering Competitions.


New DIY Platforms for Schools, Colleges  (and community around that Platform). Example: “Maker” Community.


3D Printing Platforms for Schools, Colleges

New Builder / “Automata Set” / “Automata Platform” for kids



  • Microsoft Book [Device]
  • Games / Programming: Kodu; Minecraft; Spark


“Smart Book” & Digital Publishing Platform

Youtube Playlist (Compiled By Me): Smart Book & Digital Publishing : E-Readers & E-Reading Re-Designed From The Ground Up


“Creative Expression” Platforms


  • Book, Magazine, App Publishing
  • Video
  • App Development (with no coding required).
    • Example: MIT App Inventor.

Programming Platform




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