Around Asia Pacific & Oceania [01.12.15]

Ensuring Security in the Asia Pacific Region


We are on the cusp of a huge breakthrough towards Regional Peace & Security in the Asia Pacific Region.

South Korea – North Korea Relations


“South Korean President Park Geun-hye on Monday proposed a symbolic reunion of families separated by war next month as she sought a breakthrough in relations with North Korea.

Ms. Park also said she would be willing to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “without preconditions,” though she added that the Pyongyang regime must attend with “an open mind.”

She said civilian humanitarian aid and exchanges, such as family reunions, could be a starting point for an inter-Korean rapprochement and urged Pyongyang to respond to her offer.

.. 1950-53 Korean War. Official data say about 70,000 South Koreans, mostly in their 80s or older, are waiting their turn to be briefly reunited with relatives living across the border in the north.

Ms. Park added that she aims to improve ties with China, Japan and Russia while maintaining Seoul’s alliance with Washington, its main military ally, to achieve denuclearization of North Korea.”


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