Smart City: At My Ventures

Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Smart City


Smart City: At My Ventures

Smart Infrastructure & Smart Utility  => Efficiency. Maintenance.

Electricity. Water. Road & Transportation.

Smart connected “Systems”

[e.g., Smoke sensors in buildings connected to the Fire department, leading to quicker responses in case of an emergency]

Smart management of City “Resources”

Traffic, Parking, etc.

Large Scale Engineering   #LargeScaleEngineering

Digital Displays

=> Access to “City Services”


Transportation, Metro-train, “On-demand Cars” etc.

=> When City Officials and National Leaders want to allocate budgets for “Smart City”, they look for Technologies that are visible, so that people can instantly identify the City as a “Smart City”.

“Digital Displays” with access to “City Services”, are one of the technologies that can play this role. The Spanish City of Barcelona embodies this concept.

“Digital Displays” in Barcelona ]

Urban Planning

Consulting to “City Governments”   

City Budget Planning

Attracting Businesses

Smart City Services (IT-enabled)

City: Platforms & Services

Engaging and encouraging the Youth and Citizens

to devise solutions to City Problems,

to start new “Services” that make life better for City dwellers.

Starting new Competitions. Introducing Prizes, Awards, Honors.

These would bring “life” to each City; and a sense of “excitement and engagement” among City dwellers.

Opening up “selected” Data-sets to Developers (respecting Individual Privacy):

“Services” built utilizing Data.

Natural Disaster Prediction (& Control)

Disease outbreak Prediction & Control

Traffic Congestion Control

Green Technologies. Sustainable Energy Planning.

High Tech Law Enforcement

with full respect to Citizens’ Privacy.


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