Innovation: Smart Home


Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Smart Home

[How does your future Home look like?]


Food Management Automation

Smart Refrigerator

Smart Cooker (Able to Follow step by step instructions defined in a recipe)

State of the Art:

Coffee Brewers; Pressure Cookers; which are very specific in functionality. No general-purpose “Cooker” yet.

Coffee Brewer

Coffee Brewer

Home Cleaning Automation

Robot Mower

Cleaner Robots; Robot Vacuum Cleaners

State of the Art:

iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot

iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot

iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot


Home Entertainment System

Moving Computer for Home

State of the Art:

Jibo Robot (Humanistic User Interface – HUI)

Jibo, World's first family Robot

Jibo, World’s first family Robot

Smart UI

Smart Mirror [Smart Makeup-Mirror, etc.]

Smart Surface

Humanistic User Interfaces (HUI):



Social / Emotional

Air & Temperature Control

Thermostat, Air-Conditioner, Heater, Cooler

Energy Efficiency

Furniture & Showpieces

Showpieces with:

“Complex Shapes” and

“Personalized Design”

3D Printing – Order & Delivery Service

Service Automation

Smart Babycare Sleeping Bed

Smart Home With Physical Digital Integration: What The Future Holds [TahsinVersion2]

Structure & Architecture

Customizable Modular Home

Robots that can customize a modular house (built of connectable bricks and rearrange-able) according to your design. In other words, you specify a design for your house on your Computer and Robots build / rearrange bricks to build the house (and 3D Print parts if necessary).

Inspiration for the Idea:

I was thinking of how my house is going to look like. And I thought, it would be cool if I could change the overall structure of my house every now and then (Living in the same house for years would be way too boring!) and my wife, who wants to be an Architect, should like it too (Changing the structure of the house to suit changing tastes).

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