Media & Publishing: At My Ventures


Youtube Playlist (Compiled by me): Smart Book & Digital Publishing : E-Readers & E-Reading Re-Designed From The Ground Up

Media & Publishing: At My Ventures

News & Analysis: Sites & Apps   [Outgrowth of]

  • Politics & International Relations. Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation. Business & Economics.


  • [ currently features my works and only those News & “Links” – that are related to work I am doing. So the current version of doesn’t fall into the category of a general “Media & Publishing” site.]


Advertisement Platform (& Business)


Television Channel


World Affairs. Business & Economics.

Science. Technology. Educational Programs & Learning Shows.

Similar in Category:

BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera

Discovery Channel, National Geographic


Printed Magazines & Newspapers:

Weekly Scientific Research Journal

Similar in Category:

Nature, Science

Weekly Science Magazine

Similar in Category:

Scientific American, New Scientist,

Discover Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic


Weekly Tech Magazine

Similar in Category:

MIT Technology Review, IEEE Spectrum

Wired, Wired UK,

Popular Science, Popular Mechanics


Weekly Business & Economics Magazine

Similar in Category:

Harvard Business Review,

Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company,

Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Market


Weekly “World Affairs” Magazine

Similar in Category:

The Economist, Time Magazine,

Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy,

Christian Science Monitor, The Atlantic.

One English Daily Newspaper published from Bangladesh (buy shares of an existing newspaper or establish a new one)

=> Magazine: International Circulation (International Offices)

Advising / Consulting to

News / Magazines / Media Firms

Digital Publishing Platform

Smart Book (A new kind of Gadget); Platform for publishing Smart Books & Magazines

  • Apps;
  • Educational Games;
  • Interactive Contents.

“Creative Expression” Platforms (Nurture and help people express their inner creative potentials):

Self-publishing Platform

(Similar in Category: Amazon self-publishing Platform)

Video Platform

App-Development and Sharing Platform (with no-coding requirements).

Similar in Category:


Android App Inventor

Social Network

  • Focused on bringing about meaningful changes to the world.

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