America In Realization [01.15.15]


“No Labels is an American political organization based in the United States, composed of Republicans, Democrats, and independents, whose mission is to “move America from the old politics of point-scoring toward a new politics of problem-solving.”

“Party Responsibly”

“People are looking for leaders who aren’t afraid to set their partisan differences aside and put the country first …. deciding upon an explicit goal and then setting out to achieve it” –

together, irrespective of party affiliations.


Bio-Engineering & Translational Medicine

Government, Policy & Law: Modernization of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Drug and Device Approval Process

I shall modernize the “Process” that FDA follows to approve Drugs and devices:

  • Reformulating the testing phases the “drugs” and “devices” have to go through,
  • the phases themselves

– with the goals of shortening time and reducing the amount of money spent in the approval process.

Government “Process”es haven’t incorporated newer Technologies for more accurate testing & efficiency gains.

But before those changes take place, we have to make sure – drugs and devices are not approved hastily (untested “side-effects” might do more harms than goods to patients).

Some of European BioPharma Companies are already excited – planning to move research facilities to US – if those changes take place.


International Relations – Foreign Policy – Diplomacy

US – Cuba Relations

“U.S. businesses are pressing the Obama administration to offer wider access to Cuba’s markets than it has signaled, fearing they could lag behind overseas competitors as the nation takes steps toward opening up its economy.”

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