Latest From Science & Engineering, Medicine & Innovation [01.15.15]

Bio-Engineering & Translational Medicine

Government, Policy & Law: Modernization of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Drug and Device Approval Process

I shall modernize the “Process” that FDA follows to approve Drugs and devices:

  • Reformulating the testing phases the “drugs” and “devices” have to go through,
  • the phases themselves

– with the goals of shortening time and reducing the amount of money spent in the approval process.

Government “Process”es haven’t incorporated newer Technologies for more accurate testing & efficiency gains.

But before those changes take place, we have to make sure – drugs and devices are not approved hastily (untested “side-effects” might do more harms than goods to patients).

Some of European BioPharma Companies are already excited – planning to move research facilities to US – if those changes take place.


Smart Car

Detroit Auto Show

Acura's unveiling of NSX mid-engine supercar

Acura’s unveiling of NSX mid-engine supercar


High Speed Internet For All


“OneWeb aims to build and launch a satellite constellation to provide internet directly to users.”



Communications & Entertainment

“The new phones are targeting low-income users in developing markets

The 435 and 532 will go on sale in Asia, the Middle East and Europe for $80 (69 Euros) and $91 (79 Euros) respectively.

China’s Xiaomi went from relative obscurity to the top mobile phone seller in the Chinese market last year, clocking in at 240% sales growth.”



Modular Phone

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