Around Sub-Saharan Africa: Building Nations

“Growing & Nurturing Young talents – capable of completing ‘Large Scale Engineering’ Projects themselves.

Work as fun as play!” 

#BuildingNations   #KingdomOfGod


Government Consulting & Services

  • Economic Policy
  • Financial Institutions & Policy Reform   #FinanceAndBanking
  • Democratic Institutions Reform
  • Development Planning  #DevelopmentEconomics
  • Market Structure
  • Education Reform
  • Law Enforcement & Judiciary.  #SayNoToCorruption

Large Scale Engineering

Loans, etc. [ #World Bank , other International Financial Institutions, etc.]

-> Large Scale Engineering

-> Education : Platforms & Services

and other Projects.

Educating Youth of every Nation

Development & Training (with a healthy dose of “inspiration”) the Youth ( #YouthEmpowerment ) – Young Engineers and other specialists from every Nation;

Growing and nurturing young talents – making them capable of completing “Large Scale Engineering” Projects themselves (Work as fun as play!).  #EmpoweringPeople  #YouthEmpowerment

  • Education: Institutions, Platforms, Tools.
  • Education: Leadership & Consulting.
    • Higher Education Leadership   #HigherEducationLeadership


Philanthropy:   #GatesFoundation

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Agriculture

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