“Digital Sports” & Sports Science : At My Ventures

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“Digital Sports & Sports Science”

What does the not-so-distant future of Sports look like? Have a look!


“Digital Sports & Sports Science” : At My Ventures  

#DigitalSports  #PhysicalDigital


Applications Areas

1. Mechanical Systems, Robotic Player, Simulator


Batting against a Machine that throws a ball with adjustable speed and spin / swing

3D video of bowler running towards the batsman and the machine throws the ball from a hole – feels like a real match; sound of crowds cheering

Table Tennis




People playing not video games, rather with a Robot in the real world. More realistic than “Kinect”-like experience.


2. Big Data Analytics Applied to Sports

Player Analysis, Match Analysis Software


Finding weakness of a batsman from database of description of every ball he faced and the strokes offered.

Computer Vision

Machine Learning, Statistics, Big Data

Soccer: Match Analysis

Machine learning & Statistical Analysis, Image Processing, Computer Vision (e.g., finding weakness of a batsman in cricket)

Application of Data Science / Visualization techniques to Team play Analysis (e.g., Soccer).

New “Abstractions” to name and describe various elements of “Play”.

New “Abstractions” to name and describe various “Strategies”.

Sensors for feedback, performance analysis (e.g., in Tennis, Golf, etc.)


3. “Athletic Skill” Acquisition: Motor Learning

Enumerating all the “Athletic skills” to play at “Expert” level or for a specific move, helping others learn those skills (making the skills automatic – so that players can perform them without thinking). Systematic acquisition of skills.

Learning a specific Athletic skill:

Biomechanics. Image processing. Use of “Sensors”.

How close to learning the skill? Feedback from Biomechanical Images – Movement of Muscle and bone (e.g. while learning the skill of “Serving” in Tennis).

Sports Psychology. Flow State. Optimum performance. Stress Management. Resilience. Visualization.


4. Neural representations of over-lapping “Motor skills”

Hierarchical representation of Motor Skills in our brain.

Low level Motor skills (unconscious processes).

High level motor skills, each skill consisting of several “low level Motor skills”

(People learn these High Level skills consciously, but they become “unconscious process” with time. Do you remember the time when you started learning Cycling or Swimming? You were conscious that you were learning those “Skills”. But those skills became “automatic” with time. You no longer have to swim “by thinking how to swim”!)

Researchers working on Neural Representations of Motor Learning / Motor Skills

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