Around Asia Pacific & Oceania [02.23.15]

China   #SayNoToCorruption



So extensive was the stash of jade, gold and cash found in the basement of General Xu’s mansion in Beijing that at least ten lorries were needed to haul it away.

The PLA (People’s Liberation Army) is the Communist Party’s armed wing—its soldiers swear allegiance to the Party rather than the people or the country. All officers are party members.

In the 1990s the PLA dived into commerce. The army set up 20,000-30,000 business across China. Many became the seeds of rampant corruption.

Corruption is worst in departments dealing with logistics, weapons procurement and political matters.

President Xi Jinping’s military clout gives him a greater chance of success than his predecessors in curbing graft in the PLA.”


China : Business & Economy

Wang Jianlin‘s firm, Dalian Wanda, is now China’s biggest private property developer, with shopping centres opened, or coming soon, in 100 cities.   #PhysicalDigitalRetail

His personal fortune soaring past $25 billion: he vies with Alibaba’s Jack Ma for the title of the country’s richest man. Now China’s land king is going global.

Mr Wang wants to transform Dalian Wanda into a global entertainment colossus capable of beating Disney, which plans to open Shanghai Disneyland next year. He insists it can become a global force like Google and Walmart.  #ThemeParkDevelopment

In the interior city of Wuhan … A 1.8 square km plot …. has been rebuilt with a 1,700 metre canal, a Wanda department store, two Wanda hotels and several office buildings.  #SmartCity


China : Business & Economy

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