Around South Asia & South East Asia [02.23.15]

India : Politics

Arvind Kejriwal, AAP Chief

Arvind Kejriwal, AAP Chief


“Arvind Kejriwal, of the Aam Aadmi (“Common Man”) Party (AAP), turned an anti-corruption movement into an electoral machine, winning voters from across religious, caste and class lines.  #SayNoToCorruption

AAP won 67 of 70 seats.

Congress was obliterated.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) suffered its worst ever result in Delhi.

BJP got 32% of the vote, about the same as last time; AAP got 54%.

[ Area of Expertise: #Political Campaigning ]

A fringe around the BJP seeks mass conversions to Hinduism, while stirring fears of “love jihad”, a supposed Muslim campaign to seduce Hindu women. Recent attacks on churches in Delhi have also spread anxiety.”  #MinorityRights

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