Letter to US Catholic Church: On the Importance of Physical & Computational Sciences for advancements in Life Sciences

Letter to US Catholic Church: On the Importance of Physical & Computational Sciences for advancements in Life Sciences 

Never underestimate (and hence under stimulate) the importance of Physical and Computational Sciences Research & Education.

The “tools” for studying Life comes from Physical & Computational Sciences:

How would you study Body Organs if not for MRI & Imaging Machines?

How could we study Cells if we didn’t have Electron Microscopes?

How would you sequence Genomes and study Genomics if you don’t have Computers?

And how do you understand the Molecules that life is made of if not for advances in Chemistry and Physics?

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“New Kinds of” Social Sciences


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The loving nature of God


God is loving – just as Jesus described.

God is never angry.

Whenever anger and destruction are manifested – it doesn’t come “directly” from God – it’s evil or “filtered through” evil.

Curse is evil. Causing harm (of any form) is not the way of God.



God thinks in longer term. God thinks “in whole”.

To maintain law and order – rules, regulations and controls are necessary.

But when one looks at life on Earth from a spiritual plane, life appears momentary.

In longer term and ultimately, love and goodness triumphs.