Science & Engineering News: Microsoft, “Surface Light” and More ..



“Plans and Targets: Microsoft [January 10, 2015 – Message @Gates & @Nadella ]

Microsoft Surface: 

  • Tablet Marketshare Target – Surpass iPad.
  • Introduce Lower cost and lighter (in weight) Version [Surface Light”; besides “Surface Pro”].
  • The Keyboard: Urges you to create; turns Surface into a Gadget that facilitates Creative Expression. (In contrast, the UI and design of Tablet or Touch-only Devices make them suitable for Media, Apps & Games consumption only).
  • The pitching for Surface Pro: “Workplace Computer that you can carry around and use as a Tablet”.
  • One Surface – In place of:
    • One Laptop (Study; work) and
    • One Tablet (“Coolness factor”; Consumption of Media, Apps, Games).


Link: So my parents reasoned, if we let Tahsin major in “Computer Science and Engineering”, someday he would become a great personality like Bill Gates! ]



“In my role as technical advisor to Satya, I get to join product reviews and am impressed by the vision and talent I see. The result is evident in products like Cortana, Skype Translator, and HoloLens — and those are just a few of the many innovations that are on the way.”


Bill Gates 1986

Gates in 1986 [Image Courtesy of]

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